About Troinet

Troinet is an Information Technology company in New York that serves NY/ NJ entities with IT support, Network Server Design and Implementation, Security and Compliance, and Managed IT Solutions.

Troinet focuses in solving challenges in 4 healthcare areas:
1. Communications (e.g. IT Network, Phone)
2. Operations (Medical Billing, Labs, EHR)
3. Security & Compliance (Firewall, HIPAA)
4. Outsourcing (Desk Support, Server)


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Our Story

Here’s why so many businesses depend on Troinet for IT services and support (1) Our dedicated IT experts- experienced consultants and engineers that function as an extension of your business. (2) Our 24/7 assistance – responsive IT support whenever you need help. (3) Our creative technology solutions – customizing platforms and infrastructures with our clients in mind. (4) Our Partnerships – working with the forefathers of the business; Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple. (5) Our Innovation – working with new and exciting technology and business partners to provide the most current solutions.

Technology services from Troinet are designed, created, and implemented all within the United States. We are a NYC based company that believes in keeping jobs in America. 

Our team is comprised of a group of forward thinking individuals who strive for excellence through creating better business using technology.

Our Leadership

The Leadership Team of Troinet is led by professionals who have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of Network Infrastructures and ROI in the process of business and Network Technology. We work closely together and closely with our customers – sharing a genuine interest in their growth and well-being. We work as a team, both with each other and with our customers – and we measure our success as a team, both by our customers’ successes and the relationships we continue to build both inside and outside of Troinet.

Wayne Roye


Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Roye is the Founder of Troinet, a privately held Technology Consulting Firm based in New York City. Their goal is to help companies make better decisions around technology. They provide C-Level management services from strategic planning, project management, implementation, down to hands on technical services.

“We do no not see problems, we only see solutions.”

Wayne has been a student of Business, Leadership and Technology for over 15 years. He is an active board member on his local Chamber of Commerce, previously heading its Technology Committee, and is a former member of the Economic Development Center Business Council. Past Board Member of Eden II for Autistic Children. Wayne is also the recipient of Crain’s New York Business “Forty under 40” award, MWBE Recognition Award and the Best for NYC Award.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science, with a minor in Computer Science. He is certified as an MCSE, CCNA, VOIP Specialist and Architect, CCA, CCA and CCSP.

When Wayne is not chasing his children. He likes to take his 10K run to unwind.  He has a loving family that made him give up his BMW 750il and motorcycle. But they let him keep the TV remote, the controller to the PlayStation and his comic books.

Mike Marino Michael


IT Service Manager

Michael Marino is an enthusiastic IT professional who places a strong focus on the customer experience and maintaining a high level of communication with the customers. He enjoys overcoming new obstacles and learning new technologies – all while maintaining a view of the “overall picture” in order to best recommend, design, and implement new solutions.

He believes in establishing a strong team in order to better achieve a bigger goal – believing that “Doing it right the 1st time” is paramount to success. A foundation built on collaboration and trust helps reinforce the structure of teamwork. He also likes to approach situations with a “business first” focus that promotes the idea of IT as an investment to generate revenue, not a cost.

Michael received his Bachelor’s of Science in Networking and Communications management, and holds several other industry and vendor specific certifications.

In his free time, Michael is an avid musician – classically trained at a young age, it is his ultimate “retreat” from time to time. When he’s not making music, he enjoys spending his time with his wife and dog – frequently visiting parks and boardwalk’s around the NYC area.


Additional Team Members

We would also like to recognize our Field Technicians, Helpdesk Technicians, our Office Staff and the Sales Team that are not listed here.