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Are you considering investing in outsourced IT support for your business in Jersey or New York area?

As an IT company based in New Jersey / Staten Island,  location a top factor when you should consider an IT outsourcing company. You want to be geographically close so you can get support right away without incurring high transportation costs.

The team at Troinet has worked with clients for more than ten years, and here are different kinds of outsourced IT services we offer in Jersey / Greater New York areas.

In this video, I talk about the Top 8 Benefits of Outsourcing, especially your IT/Technology.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is a business strategy where you entrust certain operations to the hands of professionals so you can focus on your core business. It’s about hiring experts to maintain your technology ranging from internet systems, phones, servers, help desk, desktop and device maintenance, and more.

Many business owners compromise the quality of their services by overspreading themselves to so many areas of the business. What they could lose is the focus and deeper touch to the customer.

Yes, many businesses today cannot operate without computers, internet, and other IT stuff, but you don’t need to succumb to the temptation to manage everything on your own. You’ll end up overspending or burning out! As you grow, you need Outsourced IT services to maintain the quality of your business.

How Outsourced IT Can Impact Your Business

Outsourced IT Support brings many obvious and not-so-well-known benefits. 

Save money – IT outsourcing services lets you cut operational costs and thereby improving your profits. This benefit is possible because when you over-commit to all IT operations including maintenance of devices, routers, laptops, servers, storages; troubleshooting connections, purchasing parts, and software, you will end up spending more money on in-house employees or losing more time for building the business.

Save time – the amount of time you spend in maintaining, troubleshooting, and purchasing items for your IT needs are spent on more important activities like building your business, client relationships, and marketing. Outsourcing also frees up your internal resources. Instead of them doing technical IT work, they may be best at selling or facing clients.

Regain focus on your core expertise – it’s never practical to be a jack-of-all-trades. Outsourcing IT lets you specialize in your core business while others specialize in theirs. It simplifies tasks that are already too complex for business owners such as maintaining networks and servers.

Mitigate the risks of obsolete technologies and outdated mindset – Outsourcing IT allows you to access the experts’ knowledge on the latest security updates and technologies. You also save precious time and money because the decisions they make around technology are informed by the wealth of their previous experience and other clients.

Satisfy customers and prospects – Outsourcing your help-desk, for example, helps you never miss inquiries and calls. You give better customer experiences because you can focus on things that need your urgent attention rather than on IT operations.

A business needs someone who won’t just offer them products, but first assess their perfect IT needs. Outsourcing your IT is one of the best business decisions you can make. Contact us to get your FREE assessment.


Outsourced IT Consulting New York New Jersey

We don’t just sell you with products or solutions. We adopt the best IT practice which is to get a profound understanding first of your business. We observe your workflow and culture and recommend the best IT solutions to maximize your income.

We can set up a remote work infrastructure for your business so you and your staff can work safely and remotely. We can set-up cloud solutions or remote work resources so you can continue getting in touch with your customers online.

Outsourced IT Network New York New Jersey
Outsourced IT Support and Services Network and Server IT Support

Your network is a critical component of your business. A glitch to your data or an issue with connectivity can affect your customer experience, revenue and even your reputation. Ensure uptime, consider upgrades or find solutions with our network support.

Choosing Troinet for managed IT services can easily improve your business processes and improve productivity. And our services are offered at one fixed monthly rate.

Outsourced IT Support New Jersey NJ
Outsourced IT Support and Services Phone

Outsourced IT Phone Support

Housing, training and maintaining a phone support may cost you an arm and a leg. Outsource your phone support to us and focus more on your core business.

Outsourced Tech Support

We can help you provide technical assistance and maintenance for you or your customers to all computer systems and hardware.

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech New York Jersey Staten Island

Looking for Outsourced IT Support in Jersey / NY?

Outsourced Network Monitoring

Our team of network professionals can assist you to take all possible steps to prevent your network’s security from hacking, ransomware, data theft, and other security risks.

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech New York Jersey Staten Island Network Monitoring
Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech New York Jersey Staten Island

Outsourced IT Helpdesk

Make your business run smoothly by outsourcing your IT help desk support. Provide services such as troubleshooting or technical support to end-users who need assistance.

Outsourced Healthcare IT Support

We help healthcare providers enhance operations, communications, security, compliance, and outsourcing with our technology solutions.

Outsourced Healthcare IT solutions in New Jersey and New York


Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech Staten IslandIT Support Services in Jersey New York (3)

Onsite IT Support

We have a team of experts and engineers that can give services physically in your premises or office when you need it.

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech Staten Island Remote IT Support IT Support Services in Jersey New York (6)

Remote IT Support

We provide remote IT services so we can connect and fix your computer or network from a remote location. This can result into a faster and more cost-efficient result.

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech Staten Island IT Support Services in Jersey New York (1)

Efficient Ticket System

We use a professional ticketing system to give you speed, accuracy, accessibility, and ease. Here you can see your previous tickets or history, and experience prioritization. 

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech Staten Island IT Support Services in Jersey New York (4)

Small Business IT Support

We know by heart the IT needs of small businesses. We provide IT support that are specially-crafted and packaged for your budget and needs.

Outsourced IT Support and Services Tech Staten Island IT Maintenance New York New Jersey

IT Maintenance

Instead of waiting to solve your IT problems, we come and prevent them from taking place through IT Maintenance service – a proactive approach for your operations.

Let us be your IT Support Company

We help healthcare providers gain peace of mind with IT solutions that operate within the framework of data security and HIPAA compliance. 

When you’re overwhelmed with technology issues at work, it can be difficult to stay motivated. You might feel like you can’t focus on your business because you’re too busy troubleshooting. That’s where we come in.

Our experts can serve as your sole IT team or as an extension of your existing IT team – that way, they can focus on bigger issues and leave the small stuff to us. 


Things to Consider When Searching for Outsourced IT Support

There are important factors to look for when a business considers an IT Support provider. Finding the right managed service provider (MSP) for outsourced IT is one of the most important tasks for a business to do. These are several things to ask and consider, and all should be a priority to keep your business’ safe and secure.

  • Location: A geographically-close IT support company means faster response times, and zero to less transportation costs.
  • Pricing: Flat Rate or Per Hour
  • Language: Some companies would consider outsourcing across the globe, but you should consider language for a better communication.
  • Rount-the-clock service times
  • Response Time

Know how to begin or manage your relationship with an Outsourced IT Support provider. Look for someone that can help you form and identify your goals. A good outsourced IT provider builds your IT outsourcing strategy around your goals. Here’s a helpful guide from CCS.  

About Troinet

Troinet is an outsourced IT provider based in Staten Island, New York, and is servicing businesses in Jersey and Greater New York area. Our specialties are outsourced IT support, IT consulting and security, IT network, and business software. We offer full support starting from design, implementation, and maintenance. To speak with our Outsourced IT advisor, call our phone number 718-761-2780 or email engage@troinet.com

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