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Communicate with customers seamlessly, call and message international numbers or staff, and reduce your phone bills. Connect everything from a phone system to employee devices with one account, at one price.

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  • Increase profitability. Save serious cash.
  • Stay efficient in flexible work arrangements
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Voice communication services have gained popularity among businesses and customers. Call sending, listening and response are among the most important applications that a person uses every day. In addition, this technology can be beneficial in many business fields since it enables small companies with very limited budgets to communicate with large groups of people very effectively.

Huge Savings

Reduces maintenance expenses because there is no complex infrastructure that requires heavy maintenance. Your phone bills will also be less costly. Saves time because it’s easier to use, and troubleshoot.

Reduce Inefficiencies

Because VoIP is hosted over the Internet, employees can place and receive calls from anywhere, any time on any mobile device with internet access.

Use in Any Device

Broader access allows employees to keep in touch with any mobile device and allows them to share documents and data. The mobile device becomes the office phone. Any mobile device with an Internet connection will connect anyone to the team. Want to know more? Read about 10 Benefits of VOIP Phones

Key VOIP Features

International calling

VOIP phones make international calling easier than ever without leaving home. With competitive plans, you can save big during your calls to customers or partners overseas. There are also free calling apps for your mobile device. With it, you can make free international calls from your mobile device to any phone from over 60 countries around the world! Contact us today’s for best VOIP providers, free assessments or trials.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email centralizes all of your voicemail messages in one place and gives you the option to forward them through email. From anywhere you have internet access, you can now listen to, forward, and erase voicemail messages with a click of the mouse.

Free Calls

Free unlimited calls worldwide, low-cost calls to mobiles and landlines, and a free app that automatically updates for iOS and Android phones. Say goodbye to expensive phone bills and set up and say hello to crystal clear calls with absolutely no contracts or hidden fees. Our system can seamlessly bridge your home phone and cell phone – as soon as you install the app into your device with internet connection, it automatically syncs up with all of your existing contacts and starts making free unlimited domestic and international long distance calls‎.

Improved Communication leads to Increased Productivity and Profitability

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a means of communicating over the Internet using one or more phone lines or the Internet. It consists of relaying audio or video information directly to another party without using the traditional architecture of a traditional phone company. It uses the internet to allow people to speak directly to other people using telephones or radio communications. VoIP providers typically provide real-time communications services within companies or organizations.

How VoIP Phones Could Transform Your Business

Imagine answering a call that comes into the office without actually sitting in the office. If you are out to lunch, sitting at home, or working from a hotel room in another state, you can still work as if you are sitting in your office.

This is possible with VoIP. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to answer calls with your smartphone, laptop, or mobile device. If your company still relies on the ancient phone services, it is missing the benefits of VoIP, and it is costing you.

We investigated the three most talked about benefits of VoIP. Learn six more ways.

VoIP Features

Transfer calls from one phone to another

Call Transfer allows users to transfer a call from one phone to another. The caller will hear ringing until the secondary phone is answered. This feature allows your team to transfer a call to a secondary phone, thereby giving them more control over their call handling. For example, the user may be talking on a phone in one room but wants to continue the conversation on a phone in another room or to another person. With Call Transfer, they can transfer the call from that room into the other room and continue the conversation on the new phone.

Use any device to make calls

Traditional phones are limited in their capabilities because they usually tie you to a specific telephone carrier and device. Troinet’s VOIP is a solution for this problem. You can use any device with a Bluetooth or wired headset to easily manage your landline and wireless phones from any computer or mobile device.

Reasonable rates

VOIP is a competitive data service that rivals traditional phone rates. VOIP has incorporated a technology which allows it to dynamically change rates without impacting existing customers or increasing costs for new customers. PBX phones allow businesses and individuals alike to place calls over data and text message services with a fraction of the cellular data cost. Voip also allows customers to send free texts to contacts anywhere in the world as well as receive free international calls from regular phone numbers with just a few clicks.

Switch Between WiFi And Cellular

Cellular and WiFi are two different technologies. While both can be used for voice communication, they’re not equivalent. While cellular networks provide services over wide areas, they’re slower and less reliable than WiFi. With VOIP, you get business calls either via your desktop connected to WiFi, or via mobile while you’re on the go.

Call recording

You can save yourself hundreds of hours of time if you know how to use the recording function in VOIP. With this feature, you can record your own voice mail message and save it as a text format, ring tone, or even as an audio file in your voicemail box. You can then select one of the various options to customise how the recording will be delivered.

Multi-device usage

Because of the nature of the VOIP network, it’s important to be able to listen to calls on your mobile devices even when your primary device (computer/laptop) is not connected. This is one area where traditional business phones cannot achieve. With VOIP, you can make and receive calls while using your CRM, desktop apps, and other high-performing computer functions.

Virtual Extensions for receptionists, agents etc.

Your VOIP receptionists are the first set of people your customers talk to. They are trained to take calls, gather basic information, do some basic fixing, and understand the customer. They ensure customers aren’t disconnected and are directed to the right person or department. While not mandatory, having a good turn-around time on your calls is best for your business if you want your calls to be remembered. VOIP receptionists work by taking calls from clients and returning calls from those clients when what they need is already available. We have a ready list of the best VoIP receptionists around so that whenever you need them, they’re available.

HD Voice

You can easily understand what each other is saying and what’s going on around you using the HD voice functionality that comes with Troinet VOIP. Voice communication on the internet has been growingly popular because of its clarity, speed, real-time responses, and ubiquitous availability. It’s clear that expectations for an HD voice quality from business phones will grow.

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