Staten Island IT Support and Services

Troinet provides IT consulting, support, business cyber security, managed services, outsourced IT, funding, network,  VOIP phone solutions and more in Greater New York since 1998.

What makes Troinet IT Support a superior, IT services provider in Stated Island?

We provide IT support and consulting services in Staten Island, New York. Our headquarters in the island can help you gain faster access to assessment, design, implementation, and support. 

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT lets you enjoy reduced costs, access to experts, increased competitiveness, faster scalability, reduced risks, more time and focus for your business.

IT Consulting & Strategy​

Tap into the expertise of professionals with broader and deeper exposures so you can make the best tech decisions.

Managed IT Services

Let your IT be managed by an expert IT team so you can enjoy lower costs, and scale quickly.

Cyber Security

Protect your data from unauthorized access, improve client and stakeholder confidence, and gain faster recovery during breach.

Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions allow you to enjoy greater flexibility, business continuity and disaster recovery, collaboration efficiency.

Server Support

Supercharge your business by securely and efficiently storing large chunks of data, and freeing your computers to perform better.

Network Support

Enjoy fast communication & resource-sharing within your business, work better remotely, and save money on storage.

Reliable IT Services in Staten Island, NY

We provide IT support for the technology needs of businesses in Staten Island, New York. As network engineers and business owners, we provide experience-informed network design, engineering, support and maintenance to computers and networks across the organization.

Technology Partners

We are offering IT support to businesses in Staten Island

Our main goal is to keep your IT costs predictable and at flat rate – this means that we work proactively to prevent IT problems from occurring at all. 

Our IT Consulting Services Include

  • Advising on the most efficient technology for your business
  • Running network audits to uncover where your technology is slowing you down
  • Upgrading your infrastructure to close the gaps creating inefficiencies

What Our Clients Say ❤️

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Advantages: IT Advice in Staten Island and Beyond

Faster and Better Response Times

In getting an IT consulting services firm, one of the crucial factors to consider is the proximity to your location. Having served in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding cities for over 10 years, we have developed a deeper understanding of the culture, challenges, and network that can help you advance your business with IT.

Enjoy Better Time Management from our IT Consulting

What would you do if you had a little extra time? Would you go on a trip? Spend time with your family? What dreams would you chase, hoping to achieve? Your technology should be supporting you in managing your time more efficiently, not wasting the little time you do have. Troinet offers IT consulting to help you get a better grasp on your time management skills so you can spend more time with loved ones or take that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Secure and Up-to-Date Network

Not only will Troinet upgrade your infrastructure and run audits on your network to discover ways to help with your time management, we’ll improve the security of your company as well. We are up-to-date on all the risks facing your technology and can recommend patches and fixes for weak areas in your network to keep you completely protected. Using Troinet’s IT consulting to help improve your time management can make anything possible for your business.

Don’t create more time by sacrificing your security.