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What is DaaS

DaaS, or Desktop as a Service, is a business model that revolutionizes device acquisition, IT financing and maintenance in the company. DaaS involves arming your team with devices that are customized based on your business needs– they could be desktops, laptops, or tablet.

The DaaS provider builds the devices with the right hardware parts and pre-installs software based on your needs. On top of that, the DaaS company is in-charge of IT maintenance and other essential support from cradle to the grave.

Benefits of DaaS

Once you get to experience DaaS, you may never want to spend huge amounts of cash on device equipment again.

  • Stabilizes cashflow – with fixed regular payments, DaaS saves you from unpleasant financial surprises
  • Avoid large expenditures – conquer the barrier of having to disburse enormous initial resources to get access to quality infrastructure
  • With Device as a Service, you put the latest and updated technology in the hands of your team.
  • Freedom and flexibility to scale up or scale down anytime
  • Customized solutions based on your own configurations
  • DaaS is a bundle of joy for your company because they can now focus on the core business. The typical bundle of mundane tasks of provisioning, installing, maintaining, and supporting numerous desktops are now outsourced to the DaaS company.
  • DaaS delights your accountants because it eliminates the upfront costs of purchasing hardware. Instead of CAPEX (Capital Expense), you go to OPEX (Operational Expense). It saves you from huge budget uncertainties due to big cash outlay. You do monthly subscription instead.


Watch this 1-minute video, brought to you by Troinet, for a concise definition and explanation of DaaS so you can decide for yourself – revolution or evolution? All-in-one DaaS programs are already available for you. You can begin to reap the many benefits of DaaS today!

Troinet offers DaaS packages to suit your business needs and your budget. Join the DaaS revolution. It’s the end of hardware as you know it!

With DaaS, you will never again have to worry about…

  • aging, obsolete devices or software
  • separate maintenance and support contracts
  • securely and properly disposing of old hardware
  • the high upfront costs of purchasing devices

DaaS Inforgraphic

With Device as Service (DaaS) you can stop worrying about obsolete devices, or security issues, or cash flow problems. This 1-page “What Is DaaS?” overview provides the basics and will send you on your way to worry-free IT with all new Windows10 devices for your entire staff, preloaded and customized with the software you need to succeed in today’s competitive business world.
  • IF everyone in your company is clamoring for a more frequent computer “refresh”…
  • IF your IT team would benefit from bundling myriad services into a single subscription…
  • IF your finance department would love to eliminate high upfront costs…
  • THEN it’s time to consider DaaS (Device as a Service).

DaaS in a Nutshell

  • Create a superior user experience for everyone by providing state-of-the-art Windows 10 devices preloaded and customized with the most up-to-date software available.

  • Bundle maintenance, support, and a wide variety of managed IT services into your fixed, budget-friendly subscription fee.

  • Improve productivity with Office 365, provide built-in security with Microsoft 365, and eliminate high upfront costs.

How DaaS Plays a Role in Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

DaaS can play a vital role in transforming the future of your business. With DaaS, you can easily set-up and expand modern workspaces with technology that never gets old!

1. Introduce a New Product Line without High Upfront Capital Cost

Transform your business by breaking free from less efficient devices and access better devices sooner without releasing substantial capital expenses. DaaS empowers you to provide better services without enslaving you to huge debts.

2. Focus More on Your Business

Devote your time to what’s more important – your core business, instead of wasting time on device procurement, deployment, and maintenance. This is our zero-touch IT experience.

3. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

DaaS lets you transition from high capital expenses to budget-friendly operating expenses. With DaaS you open the floodgates of innovation without high cost of payables. With DaaS, you capture lasting opportunities for growth.

With DaaS, you open the doors that will change the way you do business forever. You can introduce better product lines, focus more on your business, reduce your total cost of ownership – all with fixed monthly IT expenses!

3. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

DaaS lets you transition from high capital expenses to budget-friendly operating expenses. With DaaS you open the floodgates of innovation without high cost of payables. With DaaS, you capture lasting opportunities for growth.

With DaaS, you open the doors that will change the way you do business forever. You can introduce better product lines, focus more on your business, reduce your total cost of ownership – all with fixed monthly IT expenses!

Infrographic about DaaS and XaaS models

Companies Embracing DaaS

The concept behind the Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription model is not new. But it’s about to become your new best friend. The concept is actually quite simple.

With DaaS, you take out a subscription for anywhere from 2 to 5 years. You get the latest hardware, preloaded with the latest software, bundled with all the services you need to work more productively and securely – forever.

Lenovo: DaaS is Simplifying IT Licecycle Management

Find out what benefits Lenovo finds out with DaaS, and how they were able to say that DaaS is the future.

By downloading this whitepaper, you will discover how consumption models are changing consumer tastes and how they eliminate unnecessary waste.

Find out how companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime adopt these models to their business flow.

HP Embraces DaaS: The End of Obsolescence!

State-of-the-Art Today, Obsolete Tomorrow. Running old software versions on outdated hardware reduces productivity and becomes a drain on the health of your growing business. Device as a Service (DaaS), which allows you to refresh your entire fleet as often as every 2 years, resolves the problems associated with obsolescence once and for all.

Watch this video to see how DaaS monthly subscription programs bundle everything you need to thrive into an all-in-one package: hardware, preloaded software, and an impressive array of managed IT services such as maintenance, support, security, automatic updates, and device lifecycle management – plus the ability to scale up or down as needed.

Microsoft: Combining DaaS with Windows Autopilot

Question: What could make your DaaS (Device as a Service) monthly subscription even better? Answer: Microsoft Windows Autopilot

Question: How does Windows Autopilot make your DaaS subscription even better? Answer: Windows Autopilot deployment adds a new level of convenience to your DaaS monthly subscription. Autopilot enhances your DaaS “bundle” of hardware, software, and services.
It simplifies device deployment and allows users to be productive right out of the box. All they need to do is boot up, log in, and start working. We call it a winning combination because it enables a zero-touch IT experience! The details are charted and explained in this 1-page document, brought to you by Troinet. Take a look…

DaaS for the Modern Workspace

The Modern Workplace Fueled by Microsoft 365


In a modern workplace, you will be running current software versions on state-of-the-art devices. The most direct path to a modern workplace is a budget-friendly Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription that delivers those state-of-the-art devices, preloaded with Microsoft 365.

Why Microsoft 365?

Because Microsoft 365 comprises the best of:

  • Windows 10
  • Office 365 Productivity Suite
  • Sophisticated security that includes device management, safeguarding of data, and threat defense
  • Microsoft 365 Business provides everything you need, everywhere you need it – collaboration tools, best-in-class productivity, and world-class security for everyone in your organization, no matter where they are or what devices they’re using.
  • Microsoft 365 lets you focus on your most important work, so you can achieve more every day.

Watch this 1-minute video about Microsoft 365 for Business, brought to you by Troinet, and you will see how in a modern workplace, technology helps people work better together.

DaaS: The Hardware Revolution

The model is defined and clarified in a new eBook – “Device as a Service: The Hardware Revolution.” Each 1-page chapter delivers information starting with the basics of:

  • What Is DaaS? (plus bonus video)
  • What DaaS Means for You (plus bonus video)
  • The Business Benefits of DaaS

Then moving on to topics such as:

  • DaaS + Windows Autopilot (plus bonus video)
  • The Past, Present, and Future of the “XaaS” Model (plus bonus video)

Become a DaaS expert. Download the eBook brought to you by Troinet.

Device as a Service (DaaS) is not complicated. In fact, it’s a simplified model for acquiring a “bundle” that includes state-of-the-art hardware, preloaded with the most current software versions, backed by the full lifecycle services you need to run your business effectively and efficiently. No upfront costs. Just a budget-friendly, monthly subscription.

Device-as-a-service makes device ownership and management a thing of the past.

Why does think that Device as a Service (DaaS) is making device ownership and management a thing of the past?

They call it a seismic shift, for all the right reasons. Access to the latest technology. 

Lower, predictable costs. Unburdens IT. Boosts security. Every member of your team will benefit. Who could ask for anything more?

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