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In this day and age, we have to be very aware of cash flow and the need to have money on hand to handle any surprises.

We need to be creative and use smarter methods of buying and spending on operational expenses. Technology is a key operational expense that you cannot get way from whether you are a small organization or large enterprise. We have learned the mistakes of not being prepared to have and use technology within our business.

But the question is how we can now access today’s technology we need to recoup, rebound and to make our company competitive in our market without over spending. 

We are a technology company and we deal with and have to address these same questions for our clients and within our own company. Technology is not exclusive but inclusive of every business.

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Three ways you can leverage IT Financing:

1. Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Desktop computer financing allows you to simply and inexpensively purchase needed technology devices/software/services into a subscription-based agreement. We are living in a world where we are doing transactions on subscriptions. 

We no longer by our software up front at a higher cost but pay at a much lower cost over a longer-term period we offer they same advantages to with technology devices for businesses. 

Now there is no large capital up front cost, there is a known and stable budget. There is freedom to scale up and down based on what is the current business status and the services subscriptions and support for those devices are no longer the responsibility of the company they come bundled into the subscription with the device. 

You get the benefits of having todays technology without the cost or headaches of purchasing out right or upkeep.

Desktop as a Service IT Troinet

2. IT Financing

The prevents our clients from borrowing money to cover the cost of IT equipment. It allows you to have a regular monthly operating expense, and that expense generally does not change.

IT Financing also gives you the benefit of carrying a debt on the balance sheet. Financing is an operational expense, so your balance sheet looks brighter, and can provide tax advantages. IT Financing is for clients that are looking for access to funds for growth of their company.

When it comes to technology, new is usually better than old. IT Financing can allow for technology refreshing, where you can upgrade or add equipment as your business needs change. If you buy technology equipment out right, it’s yours to keep, depreciating in value — and usefulness.

IT Financing can let you use technology to drive strategic business initiatives, giving you a competitive advantage. If it makes sense to outfit your work at home team with new computers, IT Financing can quickly make that move possible.

3. Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions has been around, but we have found that its benefits is not being maximized by most companies on managing budget and spend. 

The all-encompassing cost savings in cloud is not recognized because we do not acknowledge all the support, upkeep and management we put into technology that is run and housed within a company. Most companies only see the cost of the purchase of hardware or software as what they paid at the time of purchase a do not see the overall cost of running that hardware and/or software in house

There is time lost due to down time, labor cost to maintain, more cash outlay to pay for upgrades, heating cooling and space required for inhouse technology. Not all technology should be migrated to the cloud. So what we do for our clients are: 

  • review their current workflow
  • evaluate what can be migrated to the cloud 
  • give a 3 year ROI (Return on investment) 
  • report to make sure the numbers make sense

Too many decisions are made on feelings. Numbers do not lie and will always give you the data needed to make the best decision for your company.

Cloud Solutions IT Financing Troinet


Improves your cashflow

Gain more flexibility to pay for your desktops/equipments and easily solve your budget constraints.

Attracts new customers

Grow your potential customer base by making your equipments and services more up-to-date and faster. IT Financing helps you break down large purchases into manageable payments that you can afford.

Earn repeat business

By financing your IT infrastructure, you can use your current cashflow to offer more value to both your business and customers, helping you close more sales without blowing your budget.

Makes you competitive

IT Financing helps you recoup, rebound, and be competitive without overspending. It allows you to enjoy a positive cashflow to sustain your cashflow.


Let us be your IT Support Company

When you’re overwhelmed with technology issues at work, it can be difficult to stay motivated. You might feel like you can’t focus on your business because you’re too busy troubleshooting. That’s where we come in.

Our experts can serve as your sole IT team or as an extension of your existing IT team – that way, they can focus on bigger issues and leave the small stuff to us. 


Our Featured IT Solutions

These are some hard times, but having a technology that can give your business competitive advantage does count. At Troinet, we provide teams that are ready to deliver your next technology initiative on time. Below are some of our solutions that can help you move forward. If there is any area of IT where you are looking for support, send us time options and we’ll set up a time to chat.

IT support, helpdesk, specialists, small business support, IT maintenance, managed IT support, onsite, and local technical support.

Internet, wireless, servers, IT network, structured cabling, wifi, firewall, and wiring solutions.

Office cloud solutions: MS Teams installation and maintenance, Planner, Office 365, Outlook, and Skype for Business.

Affordable DaaS or Desktop as a Service for businesses so you can quickly deploy work-from-home solutions.


Meraki wireless solutions, Webex team collaboration solutions, enterprise networking, security, routing, and switching. 

Consulting services, IT security and risk assessment, business IT, strategy, healthcare, and infrastructure consulting.

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