Healthcare IT Consulting Services – The Process

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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In a nutshell, a healthcare IT consultant makes healthcare providers’ jobs easier so they can focus more on providing better care for their patients.

On a high level, a healthcare IT  consultant engages with clients, observes current workflows, identifies problems such as, “what’s slowing the processes, what’s costing more money?”; and finally recommends technological solutions that would positively enhance patient care.


The Healthcare IT Consulting Process

Typically, a healthcare IT consultant talks to the client about the present technological state of the healthcare facility. The task commences after securing a non-disclosure and agreement of engagement.

We then listen and ask questions. Next, we would attempt to paint a future state that is as accurate as possible. By the consultant’s guidance, we balance the elements of what is ideal, what is real, and what is possible.

The healthcare IT consultant then works with different roles in the healthcare facility. 

You may find us one day sitting with radiologists and medical technologists in the labs, observing and asking questions. As we survey the environment, ideas may come to us like a “eureka” moment.

We write down, “What can be improved? What elements slow down the process? What technology will do away the paper trail? What will reduce the patient journey from admission to discharge? How can billing be faster to hasten the vacancy of rooms?

He may also visit admission, nursing stations, billing department, and central supply with the same goals in mind. Physical assessments may be included: We may conduct examinations on the server room, network, and wireless security, or look at the clinic’s cabling.

At times, you will see us in the admin room on a series of meetings with administrative officers. This is to make sure that our advice is not just technology-driven but administration-driven. We master the art of negotiation and balancing considerations. 

After a series of assessments, we come up with a recommendation. Depending on the agreement, we may also present a timeline of action and bill of materials to achieve that future state of the practice. 

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