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Does it ever feel like you’re being forced to work around your technology? If your IT investments lack strategy and aren’t driving the business or technical outcomes that your practice needs, Troinet can help. 

Improve patient care, experiences, and operations through the strategic use of technology


We’re built to help you overcome challenges

With 15+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve seen many practices struggle with challenges caused by the same technology that’s supposed to be supporting their business. Here are the most common problems that healthcare providers encounter:

  • Combat the spread of diseases with telemedicine
  • Lost appointments due to poor call or scheduling capabilities
  • Technology isn’t flexible enough to scale with your business
  • Frustrating check-in experiences for staff and patients
  • Compliance standards and cybersecurity are hard to manage
  • Lacking Inter-office and multi-lingual communication support
  • Connecting patients to providers outside the office is difficult
If these are challenges within your practice, Troinet can help you overcome them.

Our Healthcare Solutions

We provide solutions that every healthcare organization needs.

1. Communications

Leverage unified communication technology in healthcare from leaders like Cisco. 

  • Reduce hold times and improve scheduling
  • Introduce video for remote consultations
  • Increase inter-office communication with instant messaging

2. Operations

Enhance your operations and create amazing patient experiences.

3. Security & Compliance ​

Maintain your strong reputation and protect patient data.

  • Protect your practice from the latest viruses, malware, and threats
  • Remain compliant without needing to stay on top of ever-changing regulatory standards
  • Safeguard Your Patient's Personal Health Information

4. Outsourced IT

Free up your resources to focus on patient care, not technology.
  • Get direct access to IT experts you couldn’t reasonably hire in-house.
  • Outsource functions like IT support, maintenance, and computer/tablet management.

How Our Solutions are Helping Healthcare Practices

  • Shorten billing cycles
  • Book more appointments
  • Enhance patient experiences and retention
  • Improve inter-office communications
  • Maintain a positive reputation
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Our Approach

We offer a refreshing approach. We’ll take the time to learn about your practice, offer strategic advice, and recommend solutions that align with your goals.
  • A top-down approach: We use your business goals and culture to drive the direction of technology.
  • Strategy plus technology: Any company can sell you technology, we provide insight and strategy too.
  • Healthcare focus: In addition to knowing technology, we know the healthcare industry inside and out.

Learn how we can help your practice improve patient care, patient experiences, and your operations by making more strategic decisions around technology.

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