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Troinet healthcare solutions help organizations strategize, deliver value, and reduce costs through innovative technology.

Outsourced Healthcare IT solutions in New Jersey and New York

Consulting Services

Advisory Consulting

We bring comprehensive understanding and high-impact consulting on how technology can be applied to enhance patient care

Telehealth & Billing

Offer safer patient services by providing real-time virtual care. We also help you get covered with insurance reimbursement.


Attain competitive equipments, increase practice revenue, and maintain overhead costs with our tech financing platform.

Improve Resilience Amidst and Beyond the Pandemic

Invest in technology infused with strategy and proven outcomes that your healthcare practice needs.

Tech-Driven HealthTech

We help develop technology-driven solutions such as remote patient monitoring, telehealth, & prevention measures to improve your medical outcomes.

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IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry (1)


Enrich healthcare communications through technology optimization.

IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry (2)


Transform your healthcare operations with innovative technology solutions.


Improve brand value by strengthening data security in storage and management.

Troinet Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Outsourced IT

Free up your resources and focus more on transforming patient care with outsourcing.


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Attendance Tracking Devices

Patient Appointment Tech Healthcare Tech Products for New York and New Jersey (7)

Patient Appointment Tech

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We’re built to help you overcome challenges

With 15+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve seen many practices struggle with challenges caused by the same technology that’s supposed to be supporting their business. Here are the most common problems that healthcare providers encounter:

If these are challenges within your practice, Troinet can help you overcome them.

Our Healthcare Solutions

We provide solutions that every healthcare organization needs.

How Our Solutions are Helping Healthcare Practices

Our Approach

We offer a refreshing approach. We’ll take the time to learn about your practice, offer strategic advice, and recommend solutions that align with your goals.

Learn how we can help your practice improve patient care, patient experiences, and your operations by making more strategic decisions around technology.

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