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We are an experienced professional IT Consulting firm ready to solve your IT problems and needs.

We are based in Staten Island, New York, and are serving clients across industries in NY and New Jersey. 

We offer valuable Information Technology consultancy by matching the right tools to your culture and goals. By hiring our expertise, you save yourself from future headaches due to poor foundations and planning. We offer a FREE consultation.

IT Consulting Troinet Services WHAT WE DO

Warning signs that you need an IT Consultant

  • Your business is growing and you want to focus on your core instead of others
  • You have never done or don’t have time for an IT security audit
  • You’re missing out on the latest technology trends and can’t afford to lose them
  • You or your team are reusing passwords or those that end with “123” or “!”
  • You’re still not using multi-factor authentication
  • No one in your team knows what to do in case of a data or business disaster

Benefits of IT Consulting​

  • Minimize costs by accessing our expertise in IT, network, and security.
  • Gain peace of mind by preparing yourself for HIPAA compliance audits
  • Avoid penalties from compliance and legislative violations
  • Better delivery by tapping into our highly specialized talents

4 Things to Look For When Choosing an IT Consultant or Consulting Firm

Smarter businesses need smart advice. In choosing the right IT consultant, you must consider crucial factors for selecting the right one.

We have learned IT consulting is invaluable for your business because it allows you to seize opportunities amid uncertainties. This video has our top four recommendations.


1. Do they understand your business? Technology does not solve problems they are tools to help solve problems. A valued technology consultant has to want to understand how your business works, how you make money and what causes you to lose money. 

2. Understands the culture of your company. A good consultant must be able to assess a company’s culture and processes and adapt solutions to fit the company and how they work. Consultants are invaluable because most companies cannot see what is necessary without an outside lens. As they say you can not see the picture when you are in the frame. 

3. A good technology consultant is focused on solving your problems not selling you product. A consultants role is advising and the service they supply is that advise. The products are just tools that assist with that goal. The goals is optimize what you have and change only when that solution reduces production or there is a another solution that will increase production. It should never be based on the next shiny industry fad. If your consultant is not basing their advice to you on your ROI (return on investment) then you may need to reconsider their advice.

4. They spend most of their time on strategy and growth rather than issues and problems. You need a technology consultant when your business is growing. Issues and problems cost you money but strategy and growth makes you money. A good Technology consultant should be able to get rid of the issue and problems from the beginning. 

What's the Pricing for a Business Consultant?

Always hire a consultant that is paid on a monthly subscription. They will have the same motivation as you. They are profitable when support tickets are down and issues and problems are reduced. Your making money when support ticket and down and there are no issues and problems. 

That is partnership that both profit from a positive outcome. With that alignment your consultant will be in the position to focus on helping you with the strategy and growth of the company. That is what you should be hiring a technology company for.

At Troinet, we help you do it right from the beginning- from systems, networks, security features, phone systems, business software, among others. 

We come, sit-down, assess, and support you in your IT needs. 

IT Security and Risk Assessment Services in New York / New Jersey

IT Consulting Services in Staten Island New York

Our Main Services Areas for Outsourced IT Support

We are an IT company based in Staten Island, New York offering outsourced IT support and management primarily in the following areas. If there’s a city you’d like to inquire, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Brookly, NY

Long Island, NY

New York, NY

Brick, NJ

Newark NJ

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