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IT consulting is a specialization that focuses on advising organizations
on how to best use information technology in achieving their business objectives.

About Us

You need the right IT Consulting firm so you can make well-informed decisions, avoid making guesswork, maximize profits, and improve your business.

With IT Consulting, you make the right decisions on critical stages such as mapping, purchasing, implementing, and support.

The tech landscape is constantly improving and keeping up with the needs for updates rapidly evolve. You will have a hard time focusing on your core business if you still handle all the IT stuff. At Troinet, we will help you make professional IT decisions through our IT consulting service.

Our IT Consulting Services


New York

1412 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304

New Jersey

3600 Route 66 Shore Crossings, Neptune, NJ 07753

IT Consulting for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Our goal at Troinet is to be the IT consulting provider so clients will enjoy stable systems, lower maintenance costs, more up time, more time for core business, and less worry.

Why Troinet's IT Consulting Services?

Careful Assessment
You share with us what you want to improve in your business. Transparency and reality are principles we operate in. Your needs, goals, and aspirations come first as we carefully assess your current situation to identify where you will begin your transformation journey.

Thorough Brainstorming
We collaborate with you in developing an IT development roadmap that aligns with your needs and aspirations. We build that which reflects your mission, core values, and budget while keeping in sight the possibilities to reach your best potential.

Proper Services Implementation
We match the objectives of the roadmap with the best tools, services, and solutions. We link you to the right resources and network, and provide you with the necessary training needed.

Constant Tracking, Analyses, Improvements
Growth is a continuous process and we achieve sustained progress through measuring the right metrics, comparing, analyzing, testing, and enhancing.

24/7 Proactive IT Support

Our goal is to make a difference for your business with our 24/7 customer service. Our team of engineers, professionals, and helpdesk staff have extensive experiences and are ready to support you. This means your problems can be solved immediately. Your customers can’t afford the next day or next week. Offer better solutions than your competition. Get a free IT assessment.

Don't Lose Business

When your IT is down such as your internet, devices, or printers, that means certain operations are also down. That means losing customers or trust, which ultimately translates to losing money. Many of our clients, such as in healthcare, are offering services in the middle of the night, and having a 24/7 IT support simply makes the difference. Get a complimentary consultation.

Satisfy Your Customers

If you are able to connect or help your customers immediately, rather than “tomorrow or next week,” it sends a clear message that you are you proactively committed for them. You gain positive perception and more likely to gain more referrals.

Stay up-to-date with security

Security breaches will cost you huge fines and brand reputation that are substantial enough for lasting and permanent damages. IT elements such as networks, servers, and devices are the most prone to cyber security attacks. Investing in a dedicated team of IT to update, scan, and maintain their security is cannot be underemphasized. Get a free security assessment.

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IT Security Consultancy

IT Network Advisory

IT Strategy Consulting

IT Risk Assessment

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Our IT Consulting Services may include recommendations for business IT strategy, purchases, network infrastructure, risk management, security, HIPAA compliance, and more.

We are an IT consulting company based in Staten Island, New York. We service clients in NY, long island, NJ, Staten island, Central Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Our consulting services are aimed to enhance your operations, communications, and security, as well as outsource your IT requirements access a team of experts and save time and money.

We are a top IT firm with over 15 years of experience, positive client reviews, and substantial testimonials. We offer a free complimentary consultation.

Our IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting is our primary approach, because each business has unique needs. If uncertain, we assess our client’s situation and offer the most pressing and relevant IT consulting services and solutions in order to thrive. 


IT Consulting is more than giving advice or troubleshooting problems. It’s a proactive approach that aims to achieve your business goals and keeping systems that will prevent problems from happening in the first place. Goals could include improvement of your operations, communications, security, and time management.

Improve your operations, communications, security, or time management through IT consulting services from Troinet – an IT consulting firm. We are based in Staten Island, New York serving businesses and clients around New Jersey and Greater New York area. IT consulting services we offer:


We have offices in New York and New Jersey so we can be closer to you for your IT needs!

New York

  • Staten Island 
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Astoria, Queens
  • Bronx, NY
  • New York City

New Jersey

  • Bridgewater
  • Clifton
  • East Brunswick
  • Edison
  • Hoboken
  • Jersey City
  • Montclair
  • Morristown
  • Newark
  • Parsippany
  • Piscataway
  • Somerset
  • Wayne

Area not listed? Contact us to see how we can service you.

Our IT Consulting Recommendations

Here are the top IT business needs that you can improve with IT consulting: IT security, risk, business IT, strategy, healthcare IT, IT management, network, outsourcing

IT Security

IT Security involves assessing your vulnerability against threats and attacks. An independent IT audits your current MSP or in-house IT. It saves you from bad reputation due to security breaches, huge revenue losses due to the loss of customers and trust, and saves your from huge fines.

Network Solutions

Professional & Affordable IT Networking Services: Troinet offers IT networking services in New York, New Jersey, and nationwide. We are committed to providing quality service to the businesses that we serve. Our technicians help SMB and enterprise customers set up their networks for better performance and for only a fraction of the cost.

Business IT Strategies

Business grows better with the right technology in place. Save thousands of dollars by discovering ways how IT can reduce costs, increase profit, and make better ROI for your business. Cost-savings analysis, better equipments, or IT services can bring your business to greater heights.

IT Financing

With IT Financing, we help your cashflow stay positive and last longer by securing you with equipment and devices without having to shell out massive upfront costs. IT Financing may involve DaaS, Funding, Cloud solutions.


Making sure that your IT system is in compliance with regulating bodies will save you from stiff penalties, loss of trust, and loss of customers. Compliance to entities such as HIPAA should be left to experts.


We provide server consulting which involves assessment, procurement, maintenance, migration, security, and support.

Healthcare IT

IT Design, Implementation & Support

Outsrouced IT


Email, servers, remote work solutions, software support, data migration.


Network solutions

IT Infrastructure

Workstation, server, security, and network equipment - Dell, IBM, Apple, HP, Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Force 10, Sonicwall, etc.

Our IT Consulting Process

We believe that every business is unique and needs custom-tailored solutions. The best IT solution is one that properly addresses your specific needs. Here’s our standard process:

IT Consulting Troinet Services WHAT WE DO

1. We understand your business and explore ways for you to earn more

2. Assess your culture & adapt fitting IT solutions

3. Being proactive to prevent problems and downtime

4. Focus on growing your business

Why Choose an IT Consulting Firm?

Benefits await you when you work with an IT consulting firm. As a business owner, whether of a large company or a start-up, there are a few things at which you are really great and for the other stuff, you hire experts. The same should be said for your company’s IT solution. 

IT is pricey, and constant changes in the industry are to your IT staff can make it difficult to run your business efficiently when you are focused on your IT needs.

  • Minimize costs by accessing our expertise in IT, network, and security.
  • Gain peace of mind by preparing yourself for HIPAA compliance audits
  • Avoid penalties from compliance and legislative violations
  • Better delivery by tapping into our highly specialized talents

Many companies just like yours are turning to outside IT consultants to increase and support the current IT structure. Employing IT services from an IT consulting firm provides businesses with immediate access to IT experts, constant IT support, and affordable IT solutions that save money.

Benefits of Getting us as Your IT Consultant


When your company makes the decision to use an IT Consulting firm, benefits follow immediately such as access to long-term support and efficiency.

Proactive approach to IT: Prevent breakdowns, Avoid incidents

IT consultants are not computer repair technicians who swoop in to resolve software issues and infrastructure failures. IT consultants take a proactive approach to IT. Instead of relying on a break-it-fix-it model, an IT consultant takes many steps ahead of time to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction or breakdown. Companies that seek IT services only after something breaks often find themselves paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single incident.

Overall understanding of your business

A reputable IT consulting firm will take the time to not only understand your technology, but your business as well. They answer the question, “How can the existing infrastructure align with the company’s current operations and goals?”. IT consultants meet with you and your existing IT team, if your business has one, to evaluate the needs of the company, the daily operations, the potential for security intrusions and data loss, and they establish a clear understanding of the existing infrastructure and security policies. IT consultants also have experts in your company’s specific industry. So, if you are a healthcare provider, government contractor, accountant, attorney, or financial advisor, the IT consultant walks in with a clear understanding of state, local and federal policies and standards regarding your IT setup.

Increases profits, Evaluate systems and devices

IT consultants cut through the technology landscape in the office and identify what works and what doesn’t. Many times this means reevaluating existing device use, ridding the company of ineffective devices and software, and choosing systems that are more conducive to a profitable and connected work environment. In the long run, hiring an IT consultant cuts operating costs, technology expenses for upgrades and new hardware, and allows businesses to work more efficiently with the tools they may or may not already have in the office.

Making overall operations efficient and peaceful

An IT consultant has a plan to make the daily operations more efficient and peaceful. IT consultants manage and maintain the current IT structure, make suggestions for improved productivity and security, provide remedial support for the company and its IT, and a consultant works hand-in-hand with the existing IT team to maximize its response and efficiency so the office can remain in business. All of this means a reduction in downtime, improved security, increased employee satisfaction, and client peace of mind.

Keeps you stay focused on your job

An IT consultant knows his/her job is to keep the business up and running at all times and even when the doors close for the day. IT consultants keep the ship afloat so business owners and employees can get back to work instead of focusing on IT troubles.

What to Look for in Hiring an IT Consultant

Warning signs that you need an IT Consultant

  • Your business is growing and you want to focus on your core instead of others
  • You have never done or don’t have time for an IT security audit
  • You’re missing out on the latest technology trends and can’t afford to lose them
  • You or your team are reusing passwords or those that end with “123” or “!”
  • You’re still not using multi-factor authentication
  • No one in your team knows what to do in case of a data or business disaster

4 Things to Look For When Choosing an IT Consulting Firm

Choosing an IT consultant can be very challenging but know the right factors can help you make a smarter decision.

We have top four recommendations:

1. Do they understand your business? Technology does not solve problems they are tools to help solve problems. A valued technology consultant has to want to understand how your business works, how you make money and what causes you to lose money. 

2. Understands the culture of your company. A good consultant must be able to assess a company’s culture and processes and adapt solutions to fit the company and how they work. Consultants are invaluable because most companies cannot see what is necessary without an outside lens. As they say you can not see the picture when you are in the frame. 

3. A good technology consultant is focused on solving your problems not selling you product. A consultants role is advising and the service they supply is that advise. The products are just tools that assist with that goal. The goals is optimize what you have and change only when that solution reduces production or there is a another solution that will increase production. It should never be based on the next shiny industry fad. If your consultant is not basing their advice to you on your ROI (return on investment) then you may need to reconsider their advice.

4. They spend most of their time on strategy and growth rather than issues and problems. You need a technology consultant when your business is growing. Issues and problems cost you money but strategy and growth makes you money. A good Technology consultant should be able to get rid of the issue and problems from the beginning. 

What's the Pricing for an IT Business Consultant?

Look for an IT consultant that is paid on a flat rate basis. They will have the same motivation as you. They are profitable when support tickets are down and issues and problems are reduced. Your making money when support ticket and down and there are no issues and problems. 

That is a partnership that both profit from a positive outcome. With that alignment, your consultant will be in the position to focus on helping you with the strategy and growth of the company. That is what you should be hiring a technology company for.

But you could propose your own payment arrangements with us on our appointment. Simply contact us.

At Troinet, we help you do it right from the beginning- from systems, networks, security features, phone systems, business software, among others. We come, sit-down, assess, and support you in your IT needs. 

Our Main Services Areas for Outsourced IT Support

We are an IT company based in Staten Island, New York serving clients in New Jersey and Greater New York City areas. We provide IT consulting, IT support and management and more in the following places:

If there’s a city you’d like to inquire, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Brooklyn, NY

Long Island, NY

New York, NY

Brick, NJ

Central Jersey

Newark NJ

New Jersey

Staten Island New York IT Services and Support

IT Consulting Services in Staten Island, New York

Improve your operations, communications, security, or time management through IT consulting services from Troinet – an IT consulting firm. We are based in Staten Island, New York serving businesses and clients around New Jersey and Greater New York area. IT consulting services we offer:

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Our IT Consulting involves matching the right tools to your needs, culture and goals. By hiring our expertise, you save yourself from future headaches due to poor foundations and planning. Request a complimentary consultation below.

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