IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT Consulting is our primary approach because each business has unique needs. If uncertain, we assess our client’s situation and offer the most pressing and relevant IT consulting services and solutions in order to thrive.

IT Consulting is more than giving advice or troubleshooting problems. It’s a proactive approach that aims to achieve your business goals and keeping systems that will prevent problems from happening in the first place. Goals could include improvement of your operations, communications, security, and time management.

Troinet is a full-service IT consulting firm that provides innovative hardware, software, cloud solutions, network management, and project development expertise to businesses.

Benefits of IT Consulting

Technology brings freedom

When your company makes the decision to use an IT Consulting firm, benefits follow immediately such as access to long-term support and efficiency.

Proactive approach to IT

Prevent breakdowns, avoid incidents. IT consultants are not computer repair technicians who swoop in to resolve software issues and infrastructure failures. IT consultants take a proactive approach to IT. Instead of relying on a break-it-fix-it model, an IT consultant takes many steps ahead of time to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction or breakdown. Companies that seek IT services only after something breaks often find themselves paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single incident.


Overall understanding of your business

A reputable IT consulting firm will take the time to not only understand your technology, but your business as well. They answer the question, “How can the existing infrastructure align with the company’s current operations and goals?”. IT consultants meet with you and your existing IT team, if your business has one, to evaluate the needs of the company, the daily operations, the potential for security intrusions and data loss, and they establish a clear understanding of the existing infrastructure and security policies. IT consultants also have experts in your company’s specific industry. So, if you are a healthcare provider, government contractor, accountant, attorney, or financial advisor, the IT consultant walks in with a clear understanding of state, local and federal policies and standards regarding your IT setup.

Increases profits, Evaluate systems and devices

IT consultants cut through the technology landscape in the office and identify what works and what doesn’t. Many times this means reevaluating existing device use, ridding the company of ineffective devices and software, and choosing systems that are more conducive to a profitable and connected work environment. In the long run, hiring an IT consultant cuts operating costs, technology expenses for upgrades and new hardware, and allows businesses to work more efficiently with the tools they may or may not already have in the office.

Making overall operations efficient and peaceful

An IT consultant has a plan to make the daily operations more efficient and peaceful. IT consultants manage and maintain the current IT structure, make suggestions for improved productivity and security, provide remedial support for the company and its IT, and a consultant works hand-in-hand with the existing IT team to maximize its response and efficiency so the office can remain in business. All of this means a reduction in downtime, improved security, increased employee satisfaction, and client peace of mind.

Keeps you stay focused on your job

An IT consultant knows his/her job is to keep the business up and running at all times and even when the doors close for the day. IT consultants keep the ship afloat so business owners and employees can get back to work instead of focusing on IT troubles.

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Warning signs that you need an IT Consultant

  • Your business is growing and you want to focus on your core instead of others
  • You have never done or don’t have time for an IT security audit
  • You’re missing out on the latest technology trends and can’t afford to lose them
  • You or your team are reusing passwords or those that end with “123” or “!”
  • You’re still not using multi-factor authentication
  • No one in your team knows what to do in case of a data or business disaster

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Getting Started with IT Consulting

What's the Pricing for an IT Business Consultant?

Look for an IT consultant that is paid on a flat rate basis. They will have the same motivation as you. They are profitable when support tickets are down and issues and problems are reduced. You make money when support tickets and down and there are no issues and problems.

That is a partnership that both profits from a positive outcome. With that alignment, your consultant will be in the position to focus on helping you with the strategy and growth of the company. That is what you should be hiring a technology company for.

But you could propose your own payment arrangements with us on our appointment. Simply contact us.

At Troinet, we help you do it right from the beginning- from systems, networks, security features, phone systems, business software, among others. We come, sit-down, assess, and support you in your IT needs.

What to Ask Before Hiring IT Consulting Company

Because the IT industry is so fast-growing and competitive, it is important to research potential candidates carefully before narrowing down your choices. Here are a few questions you should ask any prospective IT consulting company.

IT Consulting Concepts

IT Consulting Process

We believe that every business is unique and needs custom-tailored solutions. The best IT solution is one that properly addresses your specific needs. Here’s our standard process:

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Features of Troinet IT Consulting

Value-driven solutions, tailored to individual needs.


We provide tailored IT services, which are designed to meet your business needs and help you gain a competitive edge in this ever-growing global marketplace. We don’t sell software, we provide overall solutions.

We're into long-term relationships

We’re in for the long haul because every business is a relationship business. It sounds like a cliche, but we believe it’s true. For example, if you’re running a service-based business that gets work by word of mouth, your business is based on relationships. People trust you and like dealing with you. If they stop trusting you, they’ll stop recommending you to their friends; and word of mouth is how 90% of your work comes anyway.

Diverse exposure

The IT professionals at Troinet have a wealth of experience as well as the innovative spirit to handle all your IT needs. With years of experience with an average of 8 years and a minimum of 3 certifications. We also have a dedicated staff of engineers and technicians with a wide range of skills and knowledge, so you can rest assured that your IT problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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