Striking a Balance between Security and Organizational Performance

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Information security and the relationship to organizational performance has been the topic of many discussions and business decisions in regards developing improved security design that is flexible enough not to interrupt organizational efficiency. 

With the growing number of digital assets, in the network economy age, preventing security threats and loss of information is clearly a priority for business regardless of size. 

This strongly suggests that information security is now a critical factor for a company’s success over the long haul.

Every security design should encompass three distinct factors:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

These factors combined provide a company with the ability to meet regulatory compliances, build trust, reliability, and enhance brand reputation which all leads to effective organizational performance.

However, striking the perfect balance between security and organizational effectiveness still remains one of the top challenges for organizations today.

Why the Imbalance?

Why the big disconnect? The struggle is twofold:

  1. Silo approach to risk management, and
  2. Inability to proactively address overall enterprise risk due to inconsistency with the definition of information security across departments. This is further complicated by cross-communication between information technology managers and business managers.

The Solutions

1.) A Connector that Understands Both Parties: Business & Technology

While IT talks about risks, threats, technologies and controls, business managers talk about return on investment (ROI), productivity and overall cost. A connector must have a wealth of IT resources, creating a business solution plan that’s accommodating to both parties. Troinet is a connector that links IT with business. 

2.) Relentless Creativity and Planning

Continuity in creativity and planning helps battle the ever-changing business, threats, regulatory and technology environments, ultimately resulting in addressing the problem of information security reactivity. 

A simple patch to a problem in place of a long term solution never ends with a positive result. There is nothing worse to a business manager than wasting valuable resources, time or money.

3.) A Seasoned Professional that Understands the Complexities

Businesses that have limited resources or are challenged with the prospect of maintaining this level of security should obtain IT Managed Solutions by a third party vendor. Having a seasoned professional, that understands complexities of running a business, while keeping the goals and objectives of the company in mind, is a dream come true for most. 

These professionals act as an extension of the company, partnering with the existing IT staff to tailor the services provided to the unique needs of the business.  This relationship fosters improved business performance and tangible returns on investment.

A Thriving Business

Security at the base level is not defined as an afterthought, it should be woven into the fabric of the company from the core all the way to the furthest reaching extremities’ to offer the utmost protection. 

Having a Connector, Ceaseless Creativity and Planning, and a sharp Third-party Professional – when these principles are adopted by a business, the business will be able to thrive.

Troinet is known for our multitude of IT Resources and Information Technology Management. If you would like more information to help evaluate your information security, contact Troinet today.

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