Healthcare IT Consultant: Scope of Work

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The scope of healthcare IT consulting includes understanding the present state and introducing competent health tech solutions ranging from IT infrastructure to processes to hospital software.

One of the challenges within his scope is to introduce changes to the organization’s culture.

His work also includes dealing with various roles both inside and outside the facility. For instance:

1. IT Vendors

The consultant may need to tap IT vendors that provide solutions to a healthcare facility. The vendor may specialize in hospital systems, clinic systems, electronic health records, hardware, or network infrastructure.

2. Third-party consulting firms

T he consultant may need to tap IT vendors that provide solutions to a healthcare facility. The vendor may specialize in hospital systems, clinic systems, electronic health records, hardware, or network infrastructure.

It’s good to note that there different forms of healthcare IT consultants:

  1. Technical Consultant – focuses more on technical solutions such as software. This consultant is primarily trained under the computer science discipline. What excites him is to improve the codes to make the information flow faster and better.

  2. Business consultant Рthis consultant focuses on how technology can improve business and efficiency. His background is most likely with management and information systems. 

  3. Healthcare consultant – this type has a profound experience in both healthcare and IT aspects of things. For instance, he can make process flow better and has a network of providers to achieve such goals.

3. Healthcare workers

Armed with the knowledge of healthcare processes and technology, he engages with key roles to capture what technology fits best for their work process. To some extent, he may need to speak with them individually. He should speak in the language they understand. His premise is always, “how can technology improve your role.” Here are ideal questions and discussions to key healthcare roles:

  • Accountants – How can technology help capture and transmit critical data from billing and cashier up to the admin so they can make informed decisions?
  • HR – What can capture the rapidly moving HR data such as availability, attendance, leaves, doctor’s fees, staff salary, benefits, among others? How can technology efficiently manage this big data so that operations run smoother? How can the organization better serve the hospital staff so they can better serve the patients?
  • IT officers – how can in-house IT sustain tech improvements that will be introduced? How to design the training so this can be effectively implemented? How to secure wireless access spots for patients?
  • Nurses – what are the issues in charting, electronic health records, hospital systems, and how can technology and connectivity help?
  • Doctors – how can wireless communication and technology improve patient care management?
  • Billing – how can billing delays and processes be solved by software or technology?

These elements are among the top priorities of a healthcare IT consultant’s scope of work. Upon agreement with the client, his overall goal revolves around making costs lower for the facility, coordinate with the admin for high-level directions, and creating tech solutions that will move the organization from its present state to its desired future state.

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