Custom Network Infrastructure: Top Issues, Solutions, and Facts You Need to Know​

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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When you are starting a business or improving your existing operations, technology is inescapable, and network infrastructure is critical.

Every successful business has customized network systems that empower them to move fast and connect every area of its business.

A custom network infrastructure is the interlinking of devices to match specific business goals. These devices include computers, servers, printers, cables, and other resources to satisfy the need for connectivity, communications, security, or collaboration.

Our custom network infrastructure services at Troinet will allow you to enjoy better correspondence amongst your workforce or better links to the outside world.

Common network infrastructure problems businesses face

Why is there a need for custom network infrastructure? Here are the most common issues companies face with their IT:

  1. Bandwidth – poor network customization causes slow connectivity, overspending, or overburdening of components
  2. Faulty network solutions lead to regular replacements of computers because they’re always infected with malware and viruses (Useless expense!)
  3. Wireless security – using Wi-Fi, for example, exposes data to ransomware, hackers, and cybersecurity risks that may harm the hard-earned reputation and savings of a business
  4. Overspending – bad IT inputs lead to unnecessary expenses
  5. Lack of time – network devices require expert support that consumes most of business owners’ time
  6. Downtime – inadequate network infrastructure leads to a decline in operations, profit, and brand value
  7. Loss of productivity and profit – the collective effects of these top IT problems ultimately affect significant numbers such as output and profit.

Why a Customized Approach?

Not all businesses are the same; that’s why it’s critical to utilize a tailored approach to IT networking. Each company has its own set of pain points to address, number of users, bandwidth, etc. At Troinet, we sit with our clients, listen, assess, and come up with custom-built network infrastructure solutions.

Typical Components of a Network Infrastructure

  • Routers and switches
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • DNS
  • “Clients” – which include end-user computers, devices, printers
  • Other elements include cables, storage, and security, to name a few.


The good thing is that you don’t have to master these as a business owner but entrust to network experts instead. At Troinet, we invest in becoming IT experts who have a profound understanding, training, and experience to manage your network infrastructure effectively.

Benefits of a Customized Network Infrastructure

Efficient Operations

With adequate oversight, our customized approach to network infrastructure leads to an enhanced workflow that empowers employees to communicate, connect, and collaborate more effectively. Efficient operations enable better access to resources, either within the organization or outside through the internet

High Uptime and Productivity

We address your business demands with a sufficient network and well-placed components such as load balancers, access points, routers, and switches, resulting in smoother operations.

Data Security

Firewalls and routers correctly-placed provide access control and security capabilities.

Our Custom Network Infrastructure Solutions

  1. Technology Advisor – We know that a network infrastructure is very complex. That’s why we act as an advisor rather than a salesman.
  2. Big Picture – We help you step back, see the macro-level perspective of things, assess your needs, and identify your goals.
  3. ROI – Come up with a customized network solution, cost-savings analysis, long-term impacts.
  4. Don’t have the time? We have specialists dedicated to every aspect of network infrastructures, such as security, network technology, and help-desks – people focusing on application layers and helping end-users.
  5. You have the options – You may outsource your network in whole or in part. We give recommendations on what networking components to outsource, including deployment, monitoring, and support.
  6. Knowledge of the local environment and culture – your IT company must have the local expertise to make smart and contextual decisions. It’s best if they’re within 25 miles from you to heed your call for help immediately. Our Troinet headquarters are in Staten Island, NY, and Neptune, New Jersey, which enables us to service clients in a short moment’s notice.

Outsourcing to a company that designs, deploys, and maintains custom network infrastructures for a living will save you money, time, and energy.
Invest in an excellent custom network infrastructure now to stay resilient and profitable. Call Troinet for a complimentary consultation.

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