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by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Before signing for a VOIP commitment, here are critical questions you need to ask your VOIP provider. At Troinet, we conduct a quality Technology Needs Assessment with our client before signing the VOIP contract. 

1. How long have you been providing, installing, and servicing VOIP systems?

 Our Answer: Troinet has been selling, introducing, and supporting business telephone frameworks for more than 20 years all throughout the Greater New York City and surrounding New Jersey cities United States.

2. How can I be sure that your VOIP’s sound quality is outstanding?

Our Answer: Prior to selling you any phone solution, we do the prior groundwork which is to evaluate your network and data transfer capacity to guarantee it will work perfectly with your present bandwidth, firewall and switch. In case you need updates for your network gears, we can even charge that as a month-to-month expense so you can move to your new VOIP system with zero or with light up-front expenses. 

Many VOIP providers do not do this prior assessment beforehand and would rather directly sell you the product. At the point when things turn out badly, they’ll blame your IT department or the Internet Service Provider and reveal to you they can’t (but actually WILL NOT) help you.  We make ourselves responsible for the successful accomplishment of your new VOIP framework and remain behind our assurance of “flawless performance.” If something does not work, we will investigate the issue and coordinate with the proper persons to sort it out. You won’t ever hear us say, “Apologies, that is another person’s concern.”

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3. What if I want to cancel and get out of the contract? What are the corresponding expenses?

Our Answer: If, during the initial 90 days, you are not content with the new VOIP system and we can’t resolve your issues, just return the materials and we will help you move your VOIP numbers to an alternate supplier FOR FREE.

4. What are the initial and repeating costs?

 Our Answer: There are ZERO starting charges. Additionally, our pricing plan is easy to understand, direct, and 100% straightforward. We give you a “menu” where you choose which phone set to use. Each set corresponds to a fixed month-to-month cost that includes the phone, the installation, two simultaneous calls, unlimited local calls and US48 long distance, and all the business VOIP features you need.

 5. Do I need a special kind of cabling?

Our Answer: Our VOIP system utilizes a similar wire (or WiFi) as your PC network and works well on 90% of the organizations we evaluate. However, at times we may see the need for you to update the cablings, increase bandwidth or upgrade your network’s safety features. This is the purpose why we make a proper evaluation BEFORE we give the final statement for VOIP implementation. It’s crucial for you to know ahead of time if your current system can uphold the VOIP phones or how much will the upgrade cost if there’s a need for you to overhaul. This is the rationale why a pre-assessment is vital before installing a VOIP system. 

Some providers don’t test your systems and may just rely on transfer speed upon installation. This can cause added expenses after you’ve just done shelling out money for the installation. It can also lead to a great deal of dissatisfaction since your phone doesn’t work. At Troinet, why do we have such countless happy customers? Because we aren’t just phone specialists, but IT experts that have to skill to holistically evaluate ALL parts of an organization to ensure you don’t encounter inferior sound qualities, dropped calls, and loss of business.

6. Do you offer some sort of money-back guarantee?

 Our Answer: Yes! We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your new VOIP solution for any manner whatsoever, simply inform within the first 90 days and we will take the phones, help you move to an alternate supplier and discount 100% of the expenses you paid us for the VOIP framework, all at NO COST TO YOU. You shouldn’t need to be left with a VOIP system that doesn’t work for you.

7. Can I keep my present phone number? If yes, is there an extra cost for keeping my number?

 Our Answer: Yes. This is also known as “number porting.” Most organizations will port your current phone numbers over at a price – but we don’t. Another query for you to ask: how much time will “number porting” require? Right away. After installation, we can have your present number ring to your new VOIP system; however, be cautious because some organizations will take as long as 90 days to get your old telephone number ported over!

8. Does the pricing quotation included taxes? Are there other costs there?

 Our Answer: Yes. Our approach to pricing is the “menu” approach. It includes all taxes and charges, aside from a little, required 911 charge for every area where telephones will be associated. When you select the phone package you need, we will give a pricing quotation that contains all month-to-month costs so there are no unpleasant surprises when you get your bill every month.

9. What special VOIP components are included in the package? What features cost extra?

Our Answer: This is always something to examine in every attractive offer because many VOIP marketers will hook your interest through a hyped marketing post, but once you carefully add the features highlighted, they will cost more than what is expected! This is the rationale behind why you need to know beforehand the VOIP capabilities you need, and better yet, have an expert guide you in the selection. 

At Troinet, there are features that are already INCLUSIVE of the VOIP package, and no additional expense to the customer: • Call routing system (if Internet goes down)• Automated Voice Assistant• Call management during holidays or after work hours• Voicemail to email• Fax to email• Broadcast System• Call lines• Ring me outside• Custom hold musice

10. Does your VOIP solution include worldwide calling?

 Our Answer: Our solution is capable of international calling. As a norm, you will be charged for worldwide calls separately on your next receipt. We can disable this feature when time comes that you choose or need to.

11. Will it work with my present firewall, switch, Internet and network settings?

 Our Answer: Once we have completed our analysis of your organization’s network capacity, you will know with 100% assurance if your present configuration can uphold our VOIP system. In case not, you may choose to upgrade your system and have the cost be divided into monthly installments or choose to pay it one time.

12. Does your framework support fax?

Our Answer: Yes. With our system, we can turn every phone number into a fax-receiving number. Fax messages that goes into that number will be converted to PDF documents and will be sent as an email attachment to an assigned email address. We also provide a web-based platform that will give every phone extension the ability to send PDF or MS Word Document. If you want to use your current fax machine or fax copier, we have tools that will give them the ability to convert fax messages into email.

13. Do you offer a demo phone so we can test the solution before signing any contract?

 Our Answer: We will be glad to give you a demo telephone after we have finished the network and data transfer capacity appraisal, in order to give you the look and feel and guide you with the decision.

14. If my team members need to work at home, how does your VOIP solution support that? How will the change be managed when we experience another COVID-like shutdown?

 Our Answer: Our phones are designed to work from any location. In the event that your employees need away from the office, they’ll just simply unplug their phones from their wall jack and insert them into their home Internet or link them to their home WiFi just like how a laptop or PC works.

Since our VOIP devices support 911 emergency dialing, we do require that you let us know the actual location of each phone so we can guarantee that if any emergency calls are made through those phones, we can give the right location to emergency responders.

15. Who will do the transfer to the new phone and how long will the system be down during the transition?

Our Answer: We handle 100% of the transfer process and will give consistent progress along the way as we transition from your current phones to ours. The transfer is always WITHOUT DOWNTIME. We follow a highly-organized cycle with prepared transition numbers. These numbers suited to your business and tested comprehensively prior to going “live.” We can do this on a site-by-site or phone-by-phone basis if necessary. Our operation always costs ZERO downtime or lost calls.

16. What sort of training or preparation do you offer for our employees before starting with the new VOIP?

Our Answer: Once we install your new VOIP system, our engineers and trainors will provide a demo for the basics like setting up their voice message, recording their mailbox greetings, putting calls on hold and transferring to a certain extension. Additionally, we will leave you with a manual that contains instructions of the features that were installed. Most of all, our support crew will always be accessible to address any inquiries and give one-off training to clients whenever needed.

17. Can you DEMONSTRATE us how to route calls, set-up out-of-office, change office hours, add new employees, and so forth?

Our Answer: We can do even BETTER than that – we’ll demonstrate it for you for FREE as long as the lifetime of the phone! This is simply an essential component of our expert assistance which makes us set apart from the other “big box” VOIP businesses. Surely, we will likewise prepare your team members to be self-sufficient with our VOIP solution and give documentation or manual so you can make changes rapidly whenever and whenever without any problem. Nonetheless, we offer free phone support and are glad to execute any improvements you need just in case you essentially need us to deal with it for you.

18. Can you give me references from other RECENT customers you introduced this telephone framework for?

Our Answer: Absolutely! We are consistently glad to give a rundown of client references who can verify the worth, unwavering quality and overall positive experience with our service. Simply call us and we can give them to you.

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