7 Benefits of Hybrid Remote Work

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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1. High-Quality, Fast, Simplified IT Maintenance

High-quality, fast, and efficient IT is what you need in order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s business environment. Hybrid IT offers simplified IT, seamless scalability, increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved agility. Learn more about HCI or Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

2. Increased Savings and Income

The flexibility of hybrid IT allows you to focus your internal resources where they are needed most. Non-core functions performed at lower cost, frees up your internal staff, reduces your cost of ownership, and improves your team’s productivity through cloud adoption.

3. Reduce Capital Expenses

Cloud computing requires no upfront capital investments, no hardware to purchase or software to license. Cloud-based backup is available at a lower monthly rate than using traditional solutions. And with no hardware to buy, maintain or replace, there are fewer ongoing costs involved with running a hybrid IT service model.

4. Ensure Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity and security in the event of outages and cost savings through leveraging the flexibility, scale, and agility of the cloud. Rather than maintaining separate support teams, products, and tools for cloud and on-premises resources, you should aim to deliver a unified support strategy across all your resources – whether they are on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

5. Access to Specialization/Expertise

A hybrid IT support model is just that — a combination of in-house and outsourced IT support. Your company has an in-house IT staff, who does everything from maintaining your network to building your servers to installing your new software. But this “in-house” staff isn’t alone. They work closely with an outsourced team who handles more specialized tasks such as monitoring your system, troubleshooting issues, or providing security services.

6. Scale According to Your Needs

Unlike in-house solutions, cloud-based backup allows you to scale your services up or down quickly without expensive capital expenditures. And it offers greater flexibility than an in-house solution, while delivering better control over security and compliance standards than you would have by outsourcing alone.

7. Decrease your Vulnerability

For example, if one department has a vulnerability on its network it can infect other systems on the same network by way of the internet or other shared resources. If you have an employee who becomes infected with a virus or malware virus through their home computer they bring it to work on their laptop exposing not just their system but yours as well.

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