IT Support and Consulting in Jersey City

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Jersey City

8 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an IT Company

  • Don’t hesitate to conduct several interviews.
  • Be specific in your requirements, or look for someone that can offer a quick assessment. Get a complete picture of the thing you want to outsource. 
  • Be wary of too much enthusiasm or overstatements.
  • Always check previous customers’ feedbacks.
  • Assess the proposal and try to cut unnecessary costs if needed. 
  • Focusing on price, not on quality. 
  • Don’t wait for problems to start before you start looking for solutions. This may cause disruptions to your business, such as the internet that won’t function properly, computers infected with viruses, and devices that get full in storage or compromised.
  • Don’t treat IT support like a transaction but a partnership. The better the relationship, the more problems can be addressed, and the more transparency can be exchanged.

Reasons Why You Should Use An Outsourced IT Provider

If you’re running a small business, it’s essential to get both the correct IT settings and support. The proper IT support can help your business run more efficiently and make more profit, and it also makes getting more clients with much ease and security. As your business grows, you’ll start to realize that having the right and specific IT infrastructure shortens the path to revenue.

Outsourced IT services coming to the Jersey City area.

Finding your best outsourced IT partner isn’t easy. To get the most out of outsourcing, we recommend checking out our services. You can request a quote.

Wayne Roye

About Troinet

Wayne Roye is the Founder and CEO of Troinet, a privately held technology consulting firm based in New York City. Troinet's goal is to help companies make better decisions around technology.
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Do you want more savings and less headaches?

At Troinet, we are ready to support the technology needs of your business to make it grow.

Outsourced IT Services in Jersey City

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT lets you enjoy reduced costs, access to experts, increased competitiveness, faster scalability, reduced risks, more time and focus for your business.

Managed IT Services

Let your IT be managed by an expert IT team so you can enjoy lower costs, and scale quickly.

IT Consulting

Tap into the expertise of professionals with broader and deeper exposures so you can make the best tech decisions.

Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions allow you to enjoy greater flexibility, business continuity and disaster recovery, collaboration efficiency.

Cyber Security

Protect your data from unauthorized access, improve client and stakeholder confidence, and gain faster recovery during breach.

Network Support

Enjoy fast communication & resource-sharing within your business, work better, and save money on storage.

Server Support

Supercharge your business by securely and efficiently storing large chunks of data, and freeing your computers to perform better.


Getting the right VOIP service will enable you to enjoy reduced phone bills, better communication, access, and customer service.

IT Financing

IT Financing lets you boost your sales by giving your customers the ability to make regular loan payments and give them greater liquidity. It will attract you new customers and earn repeat business.


With data breaches and HIPAA violations making headlines day-after-day, the burden to protect patient data has never been more pressing. You can entrust to us your cyber-security and HIPAA compliance.


Virtualization has enabled businesses of all sizes to get more out of their technology, while simultaneously reducing costs, and increasing productivity


Digital technology can empower patients and care teams to reach beyond traditional boundaries for better outcomes.

Our Technology Partners

Below is a list of the Technology Partners we work with to provide IT Services in the country. We’re proud to have this relationship with some of the most reputable companies in the industry to help you grow your business. Our partner companies are the best in the industry, and are strategically-positioned to bring your IT to the next level.

What Our Clients Say ❤️

We are so proud of our clients and we are happy to share our services on how to boost their operations and reduce expenses. Our clients’ satisfaction is what we live for, because at Troinet, we know how important IT is. That’s why we provide 24/7 support and want to our clients fully satisfied with their purchase.

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