IT Consulting Services

With tailored solutions from Troinet IT consulting, we can help you and your company achieve goals and efficiently cope with evolving technology. Here are some reasons why IT consulting is important: We’re committed to providing the highest quality of IT consulting services and establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

Premiere IT Consulting Services

If you’re facing challenging industry issues, or need to make the right decision in IT infrastructure, equipment management, or any other tech-related services, you’ll profit from the services of a specialized information technology consultant. 

Outsource to the top: We provide customized services based on the needs of the company. We provide cost-effective business process improvement emphasizing management consulting, technical support, and outsourced it support.

Project Management​

When clients outsource projects to us, they often don’t expect us to handle the project management. We provide this service on top of the customized technical consulting we do. This is to ensure better ROI and reduce confusion of managing multiple projects.

We offer world class IT security advisory services with excellent and outstanding results for the protection of your infrastructure against the most dangerous security threats across the globe.

IT financial services are included in our IT consulting so your business can stay current with the latest technologies, enhance your efficiency and productivity, reduce cost and navigate towards success.

IT Procurement

We provide IT procurement services for businesses seeking best of breed IT hardware, software, and services. Our mission is to free you from worrying about IT-related purchases so you can focus on your core business of providing value added services.

Management Consultant

We provide strategic consultants to help combine overall organizational leadership and employee development with technology solutions. This ensures seamless integration of tech and human resources resulting in overall organizational effectiveness.
IT Consulting is more than giving advice or troubleshooting problems. It’s a proactive approach that aims to achieve your business goals. It seeks to prevent expensive future issues from happening.
Troinet is a full-service IT consulting firm that provides innovative hardware, software, cloud solutions, network management, and project development expertise to businesses.

Benefits of IT Consulting

An active consulting practice is essential to the long-term success of a modern-day business. You can do everything in your IT department but there are areas which a professional consultant can give because of his diverse exposure. Here are top benefits:

1. Proactive approach to your tech

Prevention is better than cure. IT consultants are not computer repair technicians who merely swoop in to resolve issues. They take a proactive approach to IT. 

Instead of relying on a break-it-fix-it model, IT consultants take many steps ahead to reduce breakdown. Companies could save thousands of dollars if the IT consultant discovers it beforehand.

2. Holistic understanding of your business

A good IT consulting firm will take time to understand your overall business, not just your technology. They answer the question, “How can the existing infrastructure align with the company’s current operations and goals?” 

Their IT consultants evaluate the daily operations and the potential for security intrusions and data loss. An IT consultant also walks in with a clear understanding of state, local, and federal policies and standards regarding your IT setup.

3. Easier technology management

IT consultants evaluate and choose the technology in the company. They assess existing technologies and identify what works and what doesn’t. 

They eliminate ineffective tools, choose systems that work best for the company, and make businesses more efficient with their existing technologies.

4. Efficient and peaceful operations

IT consultants create and execute plans to reduce downtime, improve security, increase employee satisfaction and give you peace of mind.

5. Stay focused on your business

You don’t have time to research all the different options out there. Your business needs the right solutions now. Your IT Consultant can help you cut through all the noise and get something started quickly.

Want to know more? Read about IT Security Consulting Benefits and how to maximize them.

Warning signs that you need an IT Consultant

  • Your business is growing and you want to focus on your core instead of others
  • You have never done or don’t have time for an IT security audit
  • You’re missing out on the latest technology trends and can’t afford to lose them
  • You or your team are reusing passwords or those that end with “123” or “!”
  • You’re still not using multi-factor authentication
  • No one in your team knows what to do in case of a data or business disaster

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What's the Pricing for an IT Business Consultant?

Look for an IT consultant that is paid on a flat rate basis. They will have the same motivation as you. They are profitable when support tickets are down and issues and problems are reduced. You make money when support tickets and down and there are no issues and problems.

That is a partnership that both profits from a positive outcome. With that alignment, your consultant will be in the position to focus on helping you with the strategy and growth of the company. That is what you should be hiring a technology company for.

But you could propose your own payment arrangements with us on our appointment. Simply contact us.

At Troinet, we help you do it right from the beginning- from systems, networks, security features, phone systems, business software, among others. We come, sit-down, assess, and support you in your IT needs.

What to Ask Before Hiring IT Consulting Company

Because the IT industry is so fast-growing and competitive, it is important to research potential candidates carefully before narrowing down your choices. Here are a few questions you should ask any prospective IT consulting company.

IT Consulting Concepts

IT Consulting Process

We believe that every business is unique and needs custom-tailored solutions. The best IT solution is one that properly addresses your specific needs. Here’s our standard process:

Features of our IT Consulting Services

Value-driven solutions, tailored to individual needs.


We provide tailored IT services, which are designed to meet your business needs and help you gain a competitive edge in this ever-growing global marketplace. We don’t sell software, we provide overall solutions.

We're into long-term relationships

We’re in for the long haul because every business is a relationship business. It sounds like a cliche, but we believe it’s true. For example, if you’re running a service-based business that gets work by word of mouth, your business is based on relationships. People trust you and like dealing with you. If they stop trusting you, they’ll stop recommending you to their friends; and word of mouth is how 90% of your work comes anyway.

Diverse exposure

The IT professionals at Troinet have a wealth of experience as well as the innovative spirit to handle all your IT needs. With years of experience with an average of 8 years and a minimum of 3 certifications. We also have a dedicated staff of engineers and technicians with a wide range of skills and knowledge, so you can rest assured that your IT problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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by Wayne Roye

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At Troinet, we offer responsive, on-site or remote outsourced IT support for small businesses in Greater NYC and New Jersey without breaking the bank. Our certified and experienced engineers can help you get back up to speed quickly and ensure that your system is always working flawlessly, no matter what IT-related problem you have. Get a quote.

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