Troinet’s branding is our way of creating a unique identity for our services, allowing the company to stand out from the competition. This page is important because it has the elements which helps partners, stakeholders, staff, and customers distinguish Troinet between other companies and allows them to tell the difference.

The most important thing to understand about branding is that it’s about good marketing, not just logos, elements, and packaging. They should work together to lead people in the right direction. We acknowledge that there are lots of different elements for effective branding, but at the heart of every successful brand is a promise – a brand’s promise that consistently delivers to consumers what they expect when they made the purchase.


Transparent Circle (544 x 536)
Troinet Icon JPG (425 x 425)
Logo w/ Name PNG (340 x 156)
Troinet JPG Logo White BG (500x120)
White Transparent PNG (3300 x 733)

Color Schemes


Troinet Blue Hex #166DB6

Troinet Dark Blue #06445E

Troinet Gray #6A767C

Light Gray #FFF1F1


Light Blue #74C0FF

Accent Red #FB2056

Light Accent #FF91AC






Making better business decisions with technology.

Brand Voice

Reliable, friendly, responsible, helpful.