Company Brochure of Troinet


Hello, and welcome to our company brochure. Your business success is our aim at Troinet. To help you achieve this, we want to share with you our philosophies, what ideas drive us and what sets our company apart from the rest. We believe that if we think clearly about what it is we do, we’ll consistently become better at doing it.

Here’s what you’ll find in this brochure: 

How Technology Can Make Your Dreams a Reality

Many opportunities for your business are “low-hanging fruits.” You just need someone who is both experienced in IT and business that can ignite the spark towards your better outcomes. Technology is a tool rather than an end in itself – a primary method towards improving your business and life in general.

Freedom from Stress and Limitations

Much of our stress comes from the fact that we do what is not our main turf. The term “time management” is a cruel joke; there’s never enough time to do everything we need to do – we need to outsource, to delegate. Technology can help us escape that velocity, where we can remain productive without suffering from undue stress. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing more in less time. It means doing things differently so that you reach equilibrium faster, where you have room for the important things you must do.

Revolutionize Your Business with Simplified Communication

Good communication is the lifeblood of your business. Good communication will reduce stress. Good communication will drastically improve efficiency. Good communication will increase your profitability. Business is about people, and people communicate to each other every day. Your ability to communicate well with your employees, customers, and vendors can make or break your company’s success. 

Technology is a powerful tool that can help businesses communicate effectively, securely and more efficiently. When properly done, it can reduce man-hours, reduce waiting times, and seamless continuity amidst natural or cyber disruptions.

Discover New Ways of Making and Saving Money

Technology improves businesses and can enable us to do something in a cheaper way. Technology can do what is routine, not what is creative. It can do routine things fast and cheaply. Creativity, judgment, and ingenuity are primarily up to humans. In effect, technology disrupts existing businesses and creates new ones. 

In particular, the internet is not just about communicating faster, but a new way to organize economic activity. Even those with no capital, technology can make it easier to make more. One example is Kickstarter, which allows people with little or no capital to develop projects they want to do, and then purchase the products they are developing. 

Another way that technology can generate wealth is through offshoring or outsourcing; by working with people who live in countries with lower costs of living, you can get better deals than if you work with people in your own country.

At Troinet, we believe that technology can help you achieve these goals. Reach out to us and let’s talk about how to make that happen.