Time Management Tips for Business Owners and How Technology Can Help

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Time Management Tips for Business Owners and How Technology Can Help

Improving Your Time Management Skills Will Help Grow Your Business

Not everyone has great time management skills. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to run and grow a successful business. Without exceptional time management skills, business owners would be running from one fire to the next – with everything being a priority. If you notice that your business isn’t growing as fast as you would like it to, it may be time to think about how you manage your time.

Time Management Tips

Stop Drowning in Work. Effective Time Management Tips to Balance Your Time.

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful day, week, month, etc. is poor time management. Little in life is worse than starting your day with a full plate – only to end your day with the plate still half-full. Time management tricks can be utilized throughout your day in order to help prevent “half-full plate syndrome,” and here are just a few to get you going.

Make a Daily Agenda First Thing in the Morning or the Night Before.

Going into a big day with a plan is almost certain to be more productive than just jumping in and winging it. Make an agenda of all the things that must be done, should be done, and what you would like to be done, in that order. Once you have completed a task, mark it off your list. Periodically throughout the day, evaluate your list to see if you are on-track to finish on time and make adjustments as necessary.

Boring Tasks are the Liver & Onions; Fun Tasks are the Dessert. One Before the Other.

There are always parts of your regular business day that are less fun than others. Utilizing the time management agenda mentioned above, try to list the least favorable tasks first in each category. Once the hard stuff is out of the way, you only have the easy stuff to look forward to. It’s a lot easier to approach the end of the day with joy rather than with dread.

Use Time Management in Your Whole Day. Prioritize Sleep and Recreation.

An agenda is one thing, a schedule is another. Besides your daily tasks at work, don’t forget the rest of your life. If you’re having difficulty finding time to sleep or to have any “you time,” schedule them into your daily life. The correct amount of rest is extremely important, so schedule enough hours for yourself and stick to your bedtime whenever possible. With what you have left, leave a time block or two to do something relaxing you enjoy. Sufficient sleep and recreation tends to create less distraction at work. Time management works.

Obliterate Waiting Times.

Many people lose time throughout the day because of waiting times. If you’re being kept on-hold on the phone, or if you’re waiting for the mechanic to replace your bald tires – use time management and find something productive to do while you wait. Send an email, create tomorrow’s agenda, anything you can find to fill the time. That way, when you’re done waiting, you actually have something work-related to show for it.

Other Time Management Tips

  1. Record your thoughts, actions, and conversations. This will help you understand what activities produce the results you want, and which are just a waste of your time.
  2. Give time to your success. Creating time blocks for activities that are important for your success will help you to achieve it faster.
  3. Spend time on your success. You should plan to spend at least 50% of your time on the activities that you know drive the results you want.
  4. Schedule interruptions. Face it, they happen. When you schedule them into your day, they become more manageable.
  5. Plan your day. Take 30 minutes before your day starts to plan out your day. Make an agenda designed to keep track of what time you’re going to spend on an activity.
  6. Reflect before/after activities. Take five minutes before an activity to plan what success you want to come from it, and five minutes to determine if that success was met afterwards.
  7. Signage helps. Don’t be afraid to use “Do Not Disturb” signs for when you absolutely need to focus on activities that drive success.
  8. Practice, practice, practice. Practice not answering the phone or emails unless it’s absolutely critical to your business. Not everything is a fire.
  9. Block distractions. Turn off anything that doesn’t directly contribute to the results you’re trying to achieve.
  10. 20/80 rule. Remember, 20% of your activities, thoughts, and conversations yield 80% of the results. Make your 20% count!

Now, Grow Your Business

When you can effectively tune out distractions and unproductive activities, you’ll start to notice you have more time to devote on the activities that drive your success. Troinet is no stranger to helping businesses learn to manage their time effectively in order to be able to grow their business. 

We can implement technology to help you improve your time management skills such as spam filters, firewalls, unified communications, and process automation plans. 

There is no reason why you should be letting unproductive activities suck your time away from growing your business. Cut the ties by letting us help.

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