IT Funding Solutions

SMEs have a hard time securing funding for their IT infrastructures because the market is flooded with large companies, and SMEs easily get lost in the crowd. We at Troinet, together with TMI & Partners, have solved this problem by offering a service that allows SMEs to quickly validate if they can get funding for their project or not. 

This has led to SMEs adopting 100% web-based IT funding solution as there is no need of travelling, filling forms or meeting any salesperson. For small businesses, this means quick and easy way to get funding for IT projects.

Keeping your business in good health and providing professional IT services at an affordable cost is what we do. We have strategically partnered to support you with the most indispensable elements of your business, namely: technology, advisory, and funding.

Our IT Funding Services

  • Financial support for small business
  • Unique access to the IT funding community
  • Consulting
  • Learn what type of IT funding is best for your business
  • Fast, easy and secure funding for laptops, desktops, servers, internet, cloud and networking devices
  • We assist in helping your business go digital
  • Low risk, low obligation, high reward
  • End to end solution to secure funding


Scale fast. IT funding allows you to scale fast in a global environment. Funding provides a mechanism for your business to leverage a global workforce and access a global customer base. It provides the capital necessary to build the infrastructure that is required for this scaling, and it provides the financial resources to handle the risk associated with scaling.

Focus. IT funding lets you focus on what you do best – growing your business and serving your customers. Because you’re not tied up with managing their cashflow, you can make smarter tech investments that are aligned with their strategic goals.

Increases Opportunity. The increased use of IT projects provides business owners with more opportunities to make money. By utilizing IT Funding, you can increase your profits by spending less time and money on infrastructure maintenance and more time on developing new business opportunities.

Save Time – Many businesses find themselves facing delays when they are unable to pay their employees on time due to lack of funds. With an IT Funding agreement, you will be able to save time by paying employees on a regular basis without worrying about tech expenses.

Greater profits. When a company has a competitive edge over its competitors, it is able to produce greater profits for its shareholders. For example, when a company employs IT funding and avails better solutions, it is able to lower costs by improving production and distribution methods. This allows the company to sell their products at a much cheaper price than other companies without having to sacrifice quality.

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