IT Security Consulting brings a wealth of benefits to your company. No matter how big or small, the security of your company data and infrastructure is incredibly important.

The Internet holds a tremendous amount of sensitive information, not only for businesses, but also for private users. Hackers and cyber criminals pose a great risk with their skills, so you need the right IT consultant at your side.

As a provider of IT security consulting services, we understand that the market is very competitive. We also know that you may have a hard time finding the right partner for your business. Our team has put together this infographic to help you get a better understanding of what you should look for in an IT security consulting firm.

Free Network Analysis/ Risk Assessment

IT Security Risk Assessment is a method of scanning your system/network to identify your current vulnerabilities. This threat analysis or process will then give the estimated money you will lose if your data is compromised.

Understanding your risks in monetary vocabulary can be very beneficial when it comes to strategizing future business actions.

Risk assessment consists of evaluating devices and culture that may have hazards and risk tendencies. The ultimate goal is to strengthen your IT security.

IT Security Consulting is an integral part of business continuity planning for any organization, yet it is one of the most neglected areas.

We bridge this gap by providing metrics-based models that will be utilized to drive management decisions that will significantly improve security posture.

If you want to ensure that your network is properly secured but don’t want to spend all of your time wading through reams of complicated information about how it works, we can help.

Our team has served as trusted leaders and pioneers in the field of IT security consulting and is known for staying on top of new developments and challenges with innovative solutions. We make sure we stay current on the latest tools and techniques, and we love sharing what we know with clients through demos.

Manage Security Risk Everywhere You Are

Imagine yourself traveling through an airport or hotel; all of your carry-on bags are in safety, but your employee just resigned abruptly. With Troinet’s IT security solution, it’s like having your own personal guardian angel- you reduce your company’s risk of the breach with a remote user password change or file lock-up.

Prevent employee-induced data theft

Ask any business owner what they are most worried about, and it will likely be employee theft of company data. Troinet’s trusted systems are designed with this in mind. All servers offer our fully redundant cloud storage solution, Hybrid Cloud Backup, which help you to offload your backups to the cloud for any of your leading backup solutions.

Our latest generation servers include multiple features to detect and prevent data theft. The data leak prevention feature not only prevents data from being copied or downloaded, but also lets you know who accessed or tried to access any blocked data.