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CyberSecurity Ebook for Small Businesses by Troinet

Safeguard your business from cybercrime and big time losses

Small businesses need big protection. Truth is: Cyberattack CAN Happen To YOU and the Damages maybe BEYOND WHAT You Can Bear

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Consequences of Falling Victim to Cyber Attacks

With proper cyber security, you will avoid the following undesirable consequences:

  • You will immediately be labeled “stupid and incompetent.
  • Both government authorities and clients might investigate your business
  • Slapped with serious fines and lawsuits
  • Carry the heavy burden of answering complaints
  • Held liable for costly, goliath, and reputation-destroying nightmares
  • Your Customers will get furious and will find other providers
  • Your bank is not required to replace funds stolen due to cybercrime (go ask them)

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