You’ve read it right! We’re thrilled to introduce our “Name Your Price” campaign, a novel approach designed to serve you with customized cybersecurity solutions that fit perfectly within your budget. At Troinet, we firmly believe that security shouldn’t be a luxury but a fundamental right for every business.

Understanding the Premise of the “Name Your Price” Campaign

The foundation of this campaign is as simple as it gets: you reveal your budget, and we share the list of services we can provide within those financial boundaries. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

The Cybersecurity Offerings by Troinet

Let’s delve into what Troinet brings to the table. Our array of services includes but is not limited to the following:

Complete Cybersecurity Assessment, Implementation, and Monitoring

Our comprehensive services ensure your business’s digital landscape is secure and continually monitored, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

24/7 Security Operations Center

A dedicated team working round the clock ensures that your business is always shielded from the prying eyes of cyber threats.

AI/ML-based Threat Platform for SIEM/DR, Threat Intelligence, and SOAR

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning technologies, our threat platform delivers proactive and efficient security measures.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your current systems, causing minimal disruption while enhancing overall security.

Unlimited Incident Response

Our security team is always ready to react to any incident, ensuring rapid response and resolution.

Expert-led Proactive Threat Hunting

Our security experts actively seek out potential threats and neutralize them before they can impact your business.

Real-time Dashboards, VAPT, Security Awareness Training, Dark Web Monitoring

We provide real-time security dashboards, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), security awareness training, and dark web monitoring to ensure your digital landscape remains secure.

Compliance-friendly Reports and Multi-tenancy Feature

We generate compliance-friendly reports to assist you in meeting industry regulations, while our multi-tenancy feature allows multiple users to securely access the system.

The Unique Aspect of Every Business and Its Security Solutions

Every business is distinctive, and so should be its security solutions. We comprehend this and work with you to create a tailored package that suits your specific needs and budget.

Enquire about our “Name Your Price” Campaign

Let’s craft a secure future for your business that doesn’t break the bank. Your budget, our expertise – a match made in cybersecurity heaven.

At Troinet, we’re not just providing security; we’re fostering trust, and empowering dreams. So let’s embark on this journey towards a secure future, together.


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