The Benefits of Using Virtual Desktops

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Virtual desktops are extremely helpful for small businesses. One can set up an operating system to behave differently on different virtual desktops within one device. I can quickly switch between desktops in two completely different environments.

These days, having a laptop is no longer enough to enable people to work outside the office. Using a virtual desktop to access data is good practice – this will keep your data in one place no matter which device you use. Unlike third-party cloud providers, a virtual desktop lets you customize the environment for your company’s needs at a price way lower than a traditional desktop.

1. Virtual Desktops Make You More Productive

Using virtual desktops is one of the best time management hacks because it enables you to work in different environments.
One can easily switch between other operating systems and groups of applications or files without the hassles of jumping through hoops.

It facilitates operational efficiency and lets you boost productivity. By breaking down the walls between devices and applications, virtual desktops make it possible to seamlessly use a collection of different machines and monitors to get more done in less time.
Virtual desktops allow your team to take the familiar office environment with them anywhere — no need to climb very steep learning curves. One flip of the laptop, and they can go ahead to finish that deadline.

2. Work Collaboratively

Today, each team member can work from anywhere and at any time, thanks to virtual desktops. Work is becoming less dependent on the place and more on connectivity.

Virtual Desktops have enabled a new generation of the digital workforce to work on software with real-time collaboration in which every member can see and manipulate content shared online by other people working collaboratively on projects.

3. Hybrid and Mobile Workplace

Virtual desktops are rapidly becoming the foundation for workplace mobility. It makes it possible to do all your work on one computer, or many computers, or any combination of the two.

It’s about workplace mobility or hybrid workplace – about having your online office with you, everywhere, so you can work on the go, at home, in the airport, at Starbucks.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the transition from local computing to cloud computing. Well, virtual desktops are going to make that possible.

Virtual desktops use a combination of flexible mobile hardware and virtualization software. Using this technique, employees can set up their virtual desktop on any device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

4. Virtual Desktops Reduce IT-Related Expenses

It takes time and effort to buy, set up, and maintain a Windows PC. It’s no different for a Mac.

Organizations waste much money in maintaining expensive, monolithic PCs. But a Virtual Desktop does not require someone to be available to provide support for it every day.

Only once does a Virtual Desktop need more hands-on work – the installation of hardware and software. And that’s not something you do yourself if you work with an IT solution provider like Troinet.

Virtual Desktop is a secure solution that gives you the functionality of a whole computer. It reduces the need for companies to buy or upgrade hardware. It minimizes maintenance overhead. You can access all your working environments from one location with a single login and use it to manage more than one computer.

5. Virtual Desktop Provides Robust Security

Under normal circumstances, you don’t want your computer to be so easy to use that workers can do whatever they want:

  • Download harmful software.
  • Play games all day.
  • Play music on loudspeakers.
  • Go on social media.
  • Lollygag whenever they feel like it.


The more they make the computer like their own personal device, the more vulnerabilities will cause customers’ data exposure.

One of the benefits of using Virtual Desktop is safeguarding your privacy and the privacy of your clients. Privacy is crucial in this Internet age. Because Virtual Desktop is a sandboxed application, it can’t access any of your data outside the application. As a result, you don’t have to worry about a virus reaching your essential documents.

6. Enjoy the Convenience of Desktops at a Fraction of the Cost

Let’s face it; desktop devices are still king of productivity. They offer the best experience for employees and help companies drive good sales.

In many instances, your team may open multiple operating systems, programs, tools, and websites, which will be very inconvenient on mobile devices. But you can’t just move massive content to any desktop device – devices may break, incur disasters, or get compromised. These challenges are the driving forces for Troinet to come in.

We want your company to enjoy multiple desktops without having to shell out enormous expenses for hardware acquisition.
Troinet provides the best Virtual Desktop set-up and maintenance you can get – and it’s super affordable!

7. Troinet is a Leading Virtual Desktop Provider

Troinet is a leading virtual desktop provider designed to make it easy for small businesses to take their company to the next level.
We service small and medium enterprises in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

We have a growing list of satisfied clients showing how we are at making their operations better. Virtual desktop ensures business continuity despite disruptions or disasters.

We offer a host of virtualization features that can save you time and money by providing optimal performance, flexibility, hardware savings, centralized management, and high-quality software usage for multiple online identities. With Troinet, your imagination is the limit.

At Troinet, our job is to ensure that our clients have the proper tools they need to work more effectively. That’s why we offer versatile and customized cloud-based solutions that enable collaboration, security, and efficiency.

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