HIPAA Compliance Online Assessment

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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The following items in our HIPAA Compliance Online Assessment has been identified by HHS OCR as elements of an effective compliance program.

These items are required for covered entities and business associates. Fulfillment of these measures gives confidence that your organization is protected from financial and legal liabilities.

Please check off as applicable to self-evaluate your practice or organization. Enter your contact details at the bottom and we will then reach out to further assist you.

HIPAA Compliance Self-Assessment
Enter your email and other details to get HIPAA compliancy assessment

Tip: If audited, you must provide all documentation for the past six (6) years to the auditors. 

Please note that the checklist above are general questions only for you to determine the quality of your HIPAA compliance and does not qualify as legal advice. Successfully completing this checklist does not mean that you or your organization are HIPAA compliant.

At Troinet, we offer support at every step to ensure that you satisfy necessary HIPAA compliance requirements. Schedule your HIPAA consultation today at 718-761-2780 or engage@troinet.com.

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