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Your Network Security Is Critical, Shore Up Your Weak Spots With Troinet

The Potential Costs of a Security Breach

 When it comes to network security, too often we only think of the IT infrastructure. We think about how much network security costs, or about the security protocols. But we don’t always think of the potential costs of a security breach. There have been some high profile security breaches in the news lately, and those breaches don’t just do financial damage to the company involved. They do damage to that company’s reputation.

A company who has a security breach instantly loses trust and credibility with customers and business partners. That damaged trust can suppress future growth and make it difficult to grow your business. If you have a small business, the damage to your reputation can even be too immense to overcome. So why put yourself at risk? Without the most up to date, adaptable network security solutions, you are risking your reputation and the trust you have with your customers. The costs of a security breach are much deeper than a financial loss.


The World of Hackers and Viruses Is Evolving

 Hackers aren’t just remaining static, using the same tactics over and over again. Just like a virus in the real world, hackers are evolving, changing their methods, and trying new ways to infiltrate your systems to get their hands on your data. Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods, and unless your network security solution is dynamic and can adapt, you might not be able to keep up. Hackers can use viruses, email spam or phishing schemes, worms, spyware, and more in order to try and get into your systems. You need a network security solution that stays up to date and is prepared for the new threats that your business might face.


How Troinet Can Enhance Your Company’s Network Security

Troinet works directly with your business to develop a network security solution that works for you. First, we’ll start with a security assessment that determines your network’s weak spots and what can be shored up. Next, we help you develop removable media policies for USB drives, external hard drives, and other writable media that could potentially facilitate a security breach. We’ll help you to deploy companywide encryption and layer your endpoint security. Our team is partnering with yours to keep your systems and critical data safe, and that means we’ll always be updating our software and techniques to keep up with the latest network security threats. When it comes to your network security, you can count on Troinet.