Troinet takes the byte out of Information Technology.

We get it. IT is a complicated headache for most businesses. When IT functions well, it’s unnoticed. When it doesn’t, its crippling impact on business is all too visible.

Most Information Technology company’s say the same thing. We at Troinet have not become one of the leading recommended information technology management company’s in New York by coming in and changing your existing software/hardware etc. For nearly 15 years, Troinet has partnered up with small to large size companies helping them think differently about technology. We are passionate about improving business processes and creating a solution. We’ve helped business owners recognize that Technology shouldn’t be a burden but rather a business asset that can deliver significant returns on IT investments, how you may ask? By joining the Troinet team you now have a multitude of IT resource’s available at your fingertips.

Along the way, we’ve built a reputation as an innovative thought leader whose technical expertise, personal client service and trusted partnership separate us from the competition. Troinet meets with the owner(s), Management & staff to learn your goals, functions and vision for your company’s future. By learning more than just your existing setup, we come up with a Business solution plan to leverage your technology with the lowest cost available.

Our team focuses on delivering comprehensive, user-friendly IT solutions that work, so our valued clients can focus on growing their business and bottom line. Our goal is that your team, technology & process grow together with minimal frustration. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • All facets of IT & Business Training
  • Strategic IT planning – develop an IT roadmap that aligns with your business’s long term goals and objectives
  • Full technical support – leverage our comprehensive suite of IT products and services to meet any business need
  • Improved efficiency and productivity – gain a competitive edge with sophisticated technology solutions, like Cloud infrastructures, that help you work smarter, save more and go further
  • 24/7 IT support – our team of highly trained technical experts are available 24/7, to ensure there’s never an interruption in your services
  • Product discounts – benefit financially from our strong IT industry links

Every business owner knows what they want. Troinet knows what business owner’s need. That’s what separates us at Troinet from the other IT companies.

If you’ve had your fill of managing IT order takers, contact Troinet to discuss our strategic approach to business partnership.