The Next Generation of Wireless Solutions is Here: Wave 2

Wave 2 Wireless Solutions Keep Your Office Working at Amazing Speed

With the introduction of Wave 2 Wi-Fi routers to businesses, companies are able to work with efficiencies never before thought possible. It’s the next wave of the future in wireless solutions.

Benefits of Wave 2 Wireless Solutions

Troinet can have your office set up with Wave 2 in a relatively short period of time. Once you’re up-and-running, you’ll immediately see the benefits from: 160 Mhz Broadband Channels for More Connectivity Capable of Scaling Up to 2.5Gbps Wirelessly Maximum Upload/Download Speeds Allowed By Your Internet Provider Achieve “Wired-like” Performance and Reliability Option of Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points

The Next Generation of Wireless Solutions is Here: Wave 2 Solution Brief

We’re so excited about Wave 2, we’ve written an in-depth solution brief about it. It’s our gift to you! No forms to fill out, just read and enjoy!

Troinet Is Your Wave 2 Wireless Solution Expert

We’re ready to help you and your team catch the wave to:
  • Lightning-Fast Wireless Speed
  • Less Bandwidth Competition
  • Greater Efficiency and Productivity

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