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VOIP phone for small business

Get affordable, high-quality phones and phone services for your growing business. Let one of Troinet’s VOIP phone experts help you select the right features for your business.

We evaluate your network to ensure excellent VOIP quality

We first assess your system to ensure quality and compatibility. We make sure it’s ready for a productive VOIP systems workflow, and give you some great workspace suggestions.

  • In accordance with international standards
  • Conforms to best professional expertise
  • Submit accurate functionality and cost proposal
  • Scan for cyber risk factors

At Troinet, we are your better partner for VOIP Phones for small business. Get your free assessment now.

Reduce expenses with VOIP​

Get rid of your expensive landlines and save thousands! It’s easier than you think.

Troinet provides an all-inclusive VoIP service that is perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking to reduce their monthly phone bills. 

  • Reduce telecom bills
  • Get rid of long distance rates
  • Create online presence
  • Move from conventional to fully-featured VOIP networks
  • Manage unlimited contact centers

Make and receive calls from anywhere

​Make and receive calls on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with a VOIP service.
  • Turn your smart phone to a powerful business phone
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Do business even when your business phone is not with you
  • International and global connectivity
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Our consultants will help you build a customized VOIP strategy around your specific goals and needs.


We evaluate your network first to make sure a quality VOIP phone system.

Action Plan

You will get a detailed description plan of how we will achieve your goals.


You will receive a competitive price quotation amenable to your budget.