Using Facebook to Gain Customers in Three Steps

With over one billion users, Facebook is an amazingly effective business tool, when used correctly.

Three simple steps can help business gain new customers using Facebook.

  • Create a Page for your Business. A page is different then a personal profile. Pages are intended for business, organizations, non-profits, celebrities, general interest, entertainment, and the like. All pages are public and can be seen by the general population. Your potential customers will “like” your page in order to get your posts in their news feed, but they can also just pop by the page at any time to see what’s going on too.Many beginners, especially small business owners, goof at this step and create a duplicate personal profile that people have to “friend.” Not only is this pretty ineffective, it’s also against Facebook terms of service.
  • Remember that Facebook is Social. It’s called social media, not sales media. While people do look for businesses to have a presence on Facebook, they don’t want to be marketed (sold) to. Businesses who are fun and engage customers gain the most loyalty. If your customers like you, they are more likely to do business with you. A generally established rule is that for every marketing/sales related post you share, do nine more that are NOT sales/marketing related.Offer great content to your potential followers. A mix of photos, links to helpful articles, videos, surveys and text only posts keep your page interesting. Be present to respond to and engage with your fans. Don’t delete negative posts or feedback from customers, instead, deal with it in the open in a positive and professional manner. Potential customers are watching to see how you respond – done well and you are likely to gain respect.
  • Be Prepared to Pay. The simple truth is, Facebook is a business, and they are making other businesses pay to play. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything you posted to your page was shown to every person who likes your page? Well, it’s not. The almighty algorithm decides which of your posts get shown in your fans news feeds The more marketing in nature your posts are, the fewer people they are shown to.

If you want to get posts out in front of people, no matter how good your content, or how good your engagement, you have to pay to boost the post so it is shown to more of your fans. It’s also helpful to pay to run ads from your page occasionally to gain new followers. Successful businesses who want to gain new customers using Facebook have to have a Facebook marketing budget.

It is imperative for marketers and businesses to remember that Facebook takes work, but it’s worth it.  With genuine content, transparency, and a focus on social, business can be very successful gaining loyal followers who have the potential to become new customers.