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Microsoft Office 365 Benefits for Business

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a phenomenal tool that can help increase productivity, enhance internal communication efforts, and even provides robust security features. 

With that said, to realize the full benefits of Office 365 and take advantage of everything it has to offer for the sake of your company – you can’t just install it as is and expect great things.

With so many moving parts, it’s critical you work with Troinet’s team of dedicated certified engineers to get the most out of it for your business.

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of products that can help your business be more productive then ever. 

A sudden lock-down or community quarantine will ‘force’ your workforce to bring the company files at home. If these were not uploaded to a secure and remote cloud like Office 365, you will have a hard time achieving business continuity. 

With familiar programs like Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Publisher all integrated in Office 365, your business has everything it needs to run seamlessly.

The three most important ways Office 365 can help your business is through mobile access that allows collaboration between employees, security features that give you peace of mind, and tech support that is both accessible and easy to figure out.

1. Mobility and Collaboration for Employees

Office 365 gives you access to all of your contacts, emails, documents, calendars, and more on any device. It is compatible with PC/Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows allowing your employees to access their data from virtually anywhere. All your data is stored in the cloud, allowing employees working remotely to access office based servers and sync data to all devices for easy sharing. This allows employees to work in between appointments, while traveling, from home, or in the office.

Because employees can work from anywhere, productivity and collaboration between employees increases. Documents can be accessed by multiple users and projects can be worked on simultaneously by various employees, sharing progress instantly. The video conferencing and IM features of Office 365 also helps employees stay in touch and be easily accessible to coworkers and clients from any location.

Improved Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Another way to achieve better mobility and collaboration for your employees is with Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is a business productivity solution that can help companies stay productive while working remotely. This resource can help your team stay and feel connected. 

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Office 365 + Troinet IT Solutions

Working with us can solve several problems at once, such as:

  • Server Maintenance- Save 15+ hours on maintenance per month by cutting physical servers in half.
  • Cost- Reducing costs by choosing the right plan.
  • Collaboration- Increased productivity because employees can attach documents and do video conferencing as well as instant messaging.

“Troinet provides superior technical support. From the simplest to the most complex problems – each is handled with patience, resolved effectively, and in a timely manner. I can envision nothing but success for our business because we are partners with Troinet.”

John A. Fodera​

2. Security Features Built In

It is a necessity to keep your business data secure, but spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on security software can be a burden to businesses. Office 365 has the added benefit of having security features built into the suite. Your data will be secure from external threats such as malware, viruses, spam, and phishing scams. You’re also protected from internal issues such as hardware failure. Because your data is stored in a cloud based system, even if your local systems crash, you can still safely access your saved data.

Having all of this additional security as part of the Office 365 product can help your business be more productive. There is no wasted time scanning systems, updating software, making system upgrades, or restoring damaged or lost data.

3. Technology and Tech Support that is Easy

Office 365 doesn’t need any on-site tech staff to come set up or install your product. The easy step-by-step online instructions allow you to install it on each device quickly and easily on your own schedule. You can add or delete users instantly. The easy to follow users guide can help with any troubleshooting or FAQ’s related to the product. Should issues arise, there is 24/7 tech support as part of the Office 365 suite. The typical response time is less then one hour, addressing your issues in a timely manner.

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Users will not experience any down time or other tech issues as the server and systems are maintained and updated frequently. There is no need for your business to have to update or maintain any of the software as it is done for you – a real benefit to all businesses.

4. Enhances Your Business Operations and Communications

Office 365 is a product by Microsoft that has been designed to allow users access to Office applications at any time on any device. With Office 365, it is possible to connect with colleagues easily, share documents and permit more than one user to edit and view projects in real time.

The product is always current and gets updates on its Web-based platform, so you’ll always be working with the most recent features and aren’t burdened with software updates.

In the business world, time is money, and Office 365 is a real time saver when it comes to getting the job done in a quality and efficient manner. Here we’ve outlined three ways Office 365 enhances business productivity, making it a worthwhile investment.

5. Simplifies Your Email System and Related Activities Like Storage and Search

It is now faster and easier to perform certain processes in the Outlook email system with Office 365. For example, if you want to put an address into an email signature, all you have to do is click on the Bing Maps app that is located in the bar above the email.

The map then shows up right in the email interface and lets you search for directions. You no longer have to go to a Web browser and copy and paste the address into a maps page to find out a place’s location.

Sharing documents and attachments within Office 365’s Outlook Application is also simpler than before. Just drop and drag files to attach them or share documents with colleagues by connecting links to OneDrive.

With OneDrive you can designate who gets to make edits to documents and who just gets to read them or leave comments.

6. Access Essential Tools and Chat in the Office 365 Homepage

The home base of the Office 365 portal is their landing page. You can collaborate with colleagues from the landing page and access all Office Online applications easily. MS Office programs can be installed on your Mac or PC and then users may download the apps for tablets and smartphones. 

The top of the landing page houses the app launcher dashboard, which is where Office apps can be opened along with any other apps, with the ability to easily switch amongst them. A sign in is required for access, and the landing page lets you work on tasks and check them off while on the go. You can even add custom apps and personalize the sign in page to display your corporate branding.

7. Assign Varying Access via 'Groups' Feature

A very handy tool on Office 365 is the My Team groups feature. Groups allows you to arrange communications with employees that are working together on a specific project. Groups lets you organize files in one location so that users can all view, share and edit them.

Everyone may be connected with calendar invitations so no one is left out of the loop about upcoming meetings or deadlines. If you don’t want to use the phone, there is the Conversations tool that lets group members have meetings when they are in different places.

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8. Office 365 Works on Increasing User Satisfaction

Over the last two decades, Microsoft has seen its ups and downs. Productivity software packages have managed to change the way we work, but they’ve also managed to draw some unwanted attention to bugs. Office 365, though, is an evolutionary step. Through a constant process of adapting to the demands of the user, Office 365 is targeting a seamless interface.

9. Adapts to What Users Want

Office 365 has responded to the likes of Apple and Google by moving beyond their standby method of building stand-alone software. Office 365’s rolling release brings a host of features that individuals have come to demand if not expect.

The Cloud is, of course, the centerpiece of this usability. These days, workers expect the ability to access all of their open projects on any device at any time. Taking aim at Google’s series of programs, Office 365 offers mobile-ready versions of their software and email hosting for any type of device in addition to extensive storage space on SharePoint’s OneDrive. The former is essential to Office 365’s success since it lets go of the need to fully install any single program or set of programs, offering instead instant usability.

Office 365 is also adding a new level of updates with a process that requires fewer time-consuming overhauls. Instead, like most apps, Office 365 pulls in the most current updates automatically to minimize interruption or compatibility issues.

Finally, Microsoft has seized on the idea of tailoring use for the individual. Much of the reason for Google’s success has been the openness of the platform itself. Function is determined (and largely controlled) by the user. Office 365 has built in a lot more options and controls for users from email to passwords to storage. The result has been a one-size-fits-all product with a tailored feel from businesses from five people to five thousand.

10. Prioritizing Security Above All Benefits

Naturally, the open nature of Office 365, as well as Google and Apple products, raises both concerns and eyebrows for IT security. The cloud alone makes many hesitate. Microsoft has wisely not gone too far down the road of total freedom for users, but it has managed to make a more user-friendly experience without sacrificing much-needed security safeguards.

As the system has continued to evolve, Microsoft has reached new heights of security, including HIPAA protocols. How? By allowing security experts in businesses to control the exposure of individual devices rather than individuals.

This means that users won’t feel the same kinds of restrictions placed on them as they have in the past, improving the long-term experience.

11. Microsoft Integrates with Innovative Companies

The major way that Microsoft was able to thread this needle is through adding the right power to their team. At the end of last summer, Acompli was acquired to bring a multi-tiered experience that includes a message system that can fully (and securely) integrate contacts, dates, and attachments as well as information.

Overall, Office 365 is poised to live up to its name and take control of the productivity market once again. This time, though, it’s building from the grass roots up.

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12. Microsoft Office 365 Unlocks Your Business’ Full Potential

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a phenomenal tool that can help increase productivity, enhance internal communication efforts, and even provides robust security features.

With that said, to realize the full benefits of Office 365 and take advantage of everything it has to offer for the sake of your company – you can’t just install it as is and expect great things.

With so many moving parts, it’s critical you work with Troinet’s team of dedicated certified engineers to get the most out of it for your business.

The productivity Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Email

Read our comprehensive white paper to learn all about how a properly installed and configured Office 365 can accomplish things you never thought possible.

13. The productivity Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Email

Read our comprehensive white paper to learn all about how a properly installed and configured Office 365 can accomplish things you never thought possible.

14. Free Yourself From Limitations With Office 365 and Microsoft Productivity Tools


Migrating your business to the cloud can present its own set of unique challenges, especially if you are going at it alone. By working with a solutions company such as Troinet, you can sidestep those challenges and take full advantage of everything Office 365 has to offer – complete with a dedicated certified support team.

A properly-installed and configured Office 365 provides key features that any business would benefit from, which include:

  • Accessibility from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection
  • Automatic critical security updates and patches
  • Collaboration made simple with Office applications now in the cloud
  • Near-instant scalability with options to suit changing business needs

15. Outdated Technology Costs You More Than Time

Lost time and productivity can translate directly into lost opportunities and revenue.

That’s especially true when your organization is still relying on outdated technology for email, messaging, excel, and other productivity-related business applications. Implementing up-to-date technology like Office 365 improves productivity and your bottom line.

16. Business-Critical Benefits of Office 365:

  • Security– Increased security to minimize downtime of productivity tools
  • Productivity– Enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Cost– Reduction in IT-related costs

There are few business productivity tools that provide the flexibility and usefulness found in Microsoft Office.

With Office 365 utilizing the power of the cloud, your business gets to take advantage of a full suite of productivity tools and applications.

Working with Troinet to migrate to Office 365 will solve your productivity challenges and ensure you always operate at peak performance.

Office 365 Features that enhance productivity include:

  • Multiple people can edit the same document at once
  • A chat function that allows collaborators to Skype in real-time
  • Access files from anywhere on any internet-connected device
  • Your email inbox can automatically de-clutter itself

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