Over the past 10 years, speech recognition software technologies have made incredible advances. With the implementation of speech recognition software in cell phones, like Siri and S Voice, Samsung’s version of Siri, voice recognition is taking the stage as the next big thing in technology, and the next major market to capture in business.

The use of speech recognition Bluetooth software in cars has made the issue of texting while driving much safer, saving countless lives. Every commercial you see against texting while driving is essentially a commercial for voice recognition software. The question is this: which companies have the capabilities to market this technology on a commercial level?

Troi.net, a leading provider of customized IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, has just released the Dragon12 speech recognition software, which turns speech into text. Troi.net is one of the many companies vying for the coveted golden megaphone of the speech recognition software world. Dragon is powered by Nuance Communications, which is the leading provider of voice and language technological solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.

The Dragon software isn’t exactly new on the scene, though, and has really been making some major noise in the speech recognition arena for the past few years. Dragon is what makes Siri work so well and be so convenient to the millions of Siri-loving iPhone users around the world. The ease-of-use and convenience are what has made Siri such a hit, and will really be the driving factor for future business endeavors.

In case you were unaware, speech recognition software has the capacity for much more than just giving you directions to the nearest 7-11 or telling where the best place is to hide a dead body. Speech recognition technology has the capability to make business-life more fluid, cost-effective and efficient by becoming a secretary, travel agent, banker and chauffer all in the same minute, but without the salaries, commissions and headaches people currently experience.

Taking notes on a presentation while waiting in line at the airport with bags in-hand was never before possible, let alone so easy. Rescheduling meetings and appointments or shifting your entire work calendar when you wake up with the flu can be done with a few simple commands. Please don’t even out of bed – there’s no need. And speaking of never getting out of bed, imagine bumping the thermostat up a few degrees in the middle of a frigid January night without even opening your eyes. Think about walking in the house with your hands full of groceries and just telling the lights to turn on.

Every commercial on TV or radio used to include the phrase, “…at the push of a button!” Forget the buttons; buttons are annoying. The future is all about your voice – be heard.

Troi.net is known for our multitude of IT Resources and Information Technology Management. If you would like more information about speech recognition options, contact Troi.net today

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