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Testimonials from Clients in Schools and the Education Industries

by Mr. Keith Pascucci, Director of Technology

Technology is essential to academic progress in unity and understanding within our school, and I want to encourage personal & technological development through computer mediated learning environments

Mr. Keith Pascucci

I was hired at St. Raymond’s in September of 2002 as their Director of Technology. At the time we had approximately 15 computers in the entire building; with a dial-up Internet connection, and no network whatsoever.

In September of 2003, the Administration of St. Raymond Elementary School, along with myself, decided to hire Troi-Net for ALL of our technology needs at the school. Our Middle States documented goal was to become a pioneer in the uses of technology within the Archdiocese of New York. We certainly made the right decision.

Through the last six years, Troi-Net has helped us to create and maintain a true 21st century school with over 200 networked PC’s, Three servers, 15 laser printers, interschool email, over ten smartboards, and many other various peripherals. They created a network that allows everyone to share ideas, information, files, media, and a wealth of other resources.

Since the implementation of this technology, our ITBS state test scores have risen in Math and Reading by an average of one whole grade level. This holds true for all grades K-8.

The days of blackboards, textbooks, pen, & paper are slowly fading away. Students of today need to be kinesthetically motivated and educated through the various uses of technology. Troinet has made this OUR reality. Their level of professionalism and customer satisfaction cannot compare to other companies in their field. Whether it is a trivial problem or a major situation, their technical support staff handles everything and everyone equally with human interaction. This is so important in today’s automated world.

The bottom line is, without Troinet, we would not be the 21st century school that we are today! Thanks Troinet!


by John A. Fodera, Principal

After one meeting, Troinet understood our vision by providing professional advice on networking and software solutions while taking into consideration our limited budget.

John A. Fodera

Our network and classroom computers were well past their prime.  After one meeting, Troinet understood our vision by providing professional advice on networking and software solutions while taking into consideration our limited budget. Every year we add to our goal of engaging our students with technology and providing them with a safe and secure environment to learn…and Troinet has been there every step of the way.  From the simplest to the most complex problems – each is handled with patience, resolved effectively and in a timely manner.  I can envision nothing but success for St. Peters because we are partners with Troinet.

Academy Charter School

St. Elizabeth School

by Edward Fener, Director of Technology

"[Troinet] staff is very competent and responsive to any issues that arise. They can help us solve any IT problems."

Edward Fener

“Troinet has been maintaining our network and servicing our IT needs for the past 3 years. The staff is very competent and responsive to any issues that arise. They can help us solve any IT problems. They also installed a VOIP 3com phone system which has improved our telecommunications dramatically. I have found them to be pleasant, resourceful, and patient in all my dealings with them.”


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