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What is VoIP?

A fast and effective VoIP communication service produces successful communication and business.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that it’s a phone service that uses the internet. 

Benefits of VoIP Phones

  • Reduce clutter and inefficiencies. It helps get rid of the useless desk phone you currently have and makes it possible to communicate from anywhere.
  • Take calls from anywhere. Because VoIP is hosted over the Internet, employees can place and receive calls from anywhere, any time on any mobile device with Internet Access.
  • Use any device. Your mobile device becomes your office phone. Any mobile device with an Internet connection will connect you to your team.
  • Save money. VoIP reduces maintenance expenses because there is no complex infrastructure that requires heavy maintenance. Your phone bills will also be less costly.
  • New Communication. Productivity will increase because employees can attach documents and do video conferencing as well as instant messaging.

Features of VoIP Phones

  • Integration of devices allows employees to accomplish more in less time because they can access e-mail, voicemail, texts and faxes all on one device using one application
  • Broader access allows employees to keep in touch with any mobile device and allows them to share documents and data.
  • Easy to install, use and troubleshoot

Improved Communication leads to Increased Productivity and Profitability

How VoIP Phones Could Transform Your Business

Imagine answering a call that comes into the office without actually sitting in the office. If you are out to lunch, sitting at home, or working from a hotel room in another state, you can still work as if you are sitting in your office. 

This is possible with VoIP. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to answer calls remotely with your smart phone, laptop or mobile device. If your company still relies on the ancient phone services, it is missing the benefits of VoIP, and it is costing you. We investigated the three most talked about benefits of VoIP.

Easier Communication Increases Profitability

Your business requires collaboration, teamwork, and consistent communication. With VoIP, you communicate on one single data network, rather than having separate networks for each different business task, making communication easier than ever. VoIP transforms your business’ communications. See our PDF ebook below.

Improved Productivity Leads to More Success

VoIP helps your employees communicate faster and easier so that productivity levels rise in your office and your business becomes even more successful.

Your company saves serious cash

Your company neither needs buckets of cash to implement VoIP nor extensive knowledge about technology to reap the rewards of the system. You have been preparing for VoIP already; you just don’t know it yet.

If you can answer your smartphone, make a phone call, instant message, or video chat, you can VoIP. VoIP uses the same technology in which you are familiar and transforms it into a comprehensive communication system that allows users to send and receive calls over the internet.

What does this mean? Your company can save costs on phone services, because VoIP uses what you already own—the internet.

VoIP eliminates costly service calls, aging hardware and maintenance, expensive long-distance calls, and the costs associated with productivity loss. Users can send and receive calls on the road, and transfer calls without interruptions.

Office communications are more flexible

Companies do not have to transition all at once to benefit from VoIP. It can be a process that eases businesses into the system without causing downtime or service interruptions.

VoIP is constantly evolving to improve the user experience and efficiency. Because it is over the Internet and monitored by a sophisticated team, business owners can rest assured, knowing the system is always up-to-date and relevant.

VoIP takes the office call out of the office, which permits businesses to reach more consumers and clients.

Calls can be answered remotely; when a user makes a call from a device, the company’s number still shows; users get virtual phone numbers; users can get emails, faxes, and other correspondence on their devices; a video conference can be achieved on a laptop with a secure connection; and call forwarding enables callers to reach whomever they seek, whether or not he/she is in the office.

The system is secure

Security is a company’s number-one concern. Well it should be. Businesses have to struggle with increasing profits while maintaining costly IT expenses for the good of the company.

However, expensive IT costs are a myth in today’s market. While one of the biggest concerns about VoIP is the transmission of calls and data through the internet, the system is one of the most secure. Hiring a team of experts provides businesses with comprehensive security risks assessments, tools for success, 24/7 access to support, constant monitoring, and software updates.

The business world transforms on a daily basis, and the rapid evolution is simply too complex for business owners to tackle every day on their own. A team of VoIP experts at Troinet provides the tools and resources for maximum production, efficiency, and profits.

At Troinet, we strive to offer you VoIP phone systems that support you on the path to success. We are based in New York (Staten Island), and we consult, design, and implement VoIP services in the area.

VOIP Whitepaper: Improve Your Productivity

We Offer VOIP Services in Staten Island, New York Areas, and New Jersey.

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