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Server design, implementation, and maintenance for your business

Does your business deal with storing, accessing, exchanging, and securing information? Then a server is a top solution you would need. But procuring and managing servers could take up your precious time. Instead, you can focus on your core expertise and outsource to an IT network and server manager instead. 

What is a server?

An IT server is a computer that is used to perform services either to other computers, customers, or employees. A server can store your files and “serves” it to your employees or customers. It can also perform computational tasks or run programs for your clients.

For example, your business has important excel sheets or QuickBooks documents that are being modified constantly. Instead of storing it in individual computers of your employees, or interns, you want to secure it, and for authorized people to collaborate it, and what you need is a server. 

A server can also store important files such as your website/webpages, virtual PC’s, videos, photos, documents, which the company accesses. The server is usually called as the main server. 

Benefits of Servers for Business

Why Not Use a Standard Personal Computer for my business?

Unlike a personal consumer-grade or end-user computer, a server is designed to run and operate 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you unlimited accessibility anytime. The hardware inside the personal computer is not built to tolerate the heat generated by long-time operations. 

If you store your important files in a PC, while the machine is running hot and multiple people can access it, the machine is going to crash. If that happens during working hours, no one is going to access anything which will cause your business to suffer. 

You don’t want to buy a consumer-grade computer if your business runs with multiple people accessing files and data. You would need to buy a server-grade system, even if it is more expensive or would require a higher investment amount. 

A server-grade hardware or system gives you the technologies that are capable to handle your business needs such as ECC or Error Correcting Code memory- a capability that corrects its owns errors in order for your operations to continue so the machine won’t shut down or fail during errors. 

When one PC or end-user computer becomes corrupted or broken, a server gives you the confidence that your operations still continue because the files aren’t store in that PC, but are accessible via the server. 

Your business does not deserve to “play with the odds” and thinking that the likelihood of “security breach or data storage failure won’t happen to me.” Your business deserves the right server system in place.

How to choose a server for my business?

Every business has different needs. We usually start with a FREE needs-based client analysis so we can provide a professional quotation of solutions. The analysis may include the following questions:

  • Cloud or in-house? What is the best choice to store my data?
  • What are my business objectives and what server solution best fits for my needs?
  • What server specifications do I need? What hardware do I need to buy?

If your business is located in New York or New Jersey, we can come, take a look, and assess your server needs. We are physically-located in Staten Island, New York and have clients scattered across the vicinity. We sit down and help our clients throughout the process so you can enjoy the best solution.

Our Server Support Services

We are an IT company based in Staten Island, New York offering server support and management. Our usual service areas:

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