IT Solutions to Address COVID-19

We want to help you in these uncertain times.

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COVID-19 is transforming our lives and we can help you get covered. Government agencies are telling everyone to use telemedicine. See a doctor or talk to a therapist from the comfort of your home.


We can help you set-up your virtual office so you can minimize face-to-face meetings, and help curb the spread of the virus.

Office 365 / Cloud Solutions

Cloud collaboration enables you to massively shift to remote work amidst the turmoil. We can provide you with cloud solutions like Office 365 and remain productive.

Remote Management

Take full control of your computer on the other side of the city or the world with remote management. Plus, remote management allows you to work securely with your important data such as Protected Health Information.

Computer Security

Our team of network professionals can assist you to take all possible steps to prevent your network’s security from hacking, ransomware, data theft, and other security risks.

Outsourced IT Support

Amidst the crisis, outsourcing can help you focus on your forte. We can help with helpdesk, network and server monitoring, and phone support.

Meet our CEO

Hi, this is Wayne. We positioned our business so we can deliver tools, experts, and advice to help you minimize losses, preserve your business, and THRIVE during these scary times.
Troinet provides superior technical support. From the simplest to the most complex problems – each is handled with patience, resolved effectively, and in a timely manner. I can envision nothing but success for our business because we are partners with Troinet.
Sandy Nevins
Director of IT