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Our IT Network Services

Having a strong IT Network is crucial in today’s businesses. As an IT company with more than 15 years of experience, we provide professional IT network services to keep your internet and network strong, stable, and secure.

  • IT Network Design
  • Network Installation/Implementation
  • IT Network Support & Monitoring
  • Cisco Network Solutions
  • Technician Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • IT Network Consultancy
  • Managed IT Network

Network design and management is one of the top core expertise that our team provides. Connecting your business to the internet or to a network is crucial for operations, but other factors such as security, up-time and efficiency must be considered. We have served the network needs of various clients in different industries in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Network design involves the architecture including the ISP, gateways, core, access, and end devices. We help set-up your modems, routers, switches, access points, and end devices (mobiles, tablets, PC’s, control systems, industry printers, VOIP’s). 

We involve in planning, design, solution-building, scheduling, resource management and implementation of various network buildouts; from new buildings to renovations. Industry best practices and top-of-the-line products are our specialization. 

Our expertise includes working on issues ranging from server, network, and IP phone-related issues to keep the client’s tech environment stable. Also acting as administrators that both monitor and remotely modify settings, and using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). 

Benefits of Network Design and Management

  • Maintain good customer experience by reducing system downtime during operations
  • Save money by avoiding fines and legislative penalties
  • Supercharge your network by saving you large chunks of data and saving your computers' memory
  • Improve collaboration by storing and backing-up your data and sharing them to your team
  • Maintain stellar reputation by avoiding client data and security breaches

Our IT Network Services

Server Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Server design/architecture, set-up based on the client's requirements and existing environments, upgrade or migrate? cloud or on-premise? Server recommendations?.

Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Make your business run smoothly by outsourcing your help desk support. Provide services such as troubleshooting or technical support to end-users who need assistance.

Wave 2 Wireless Solutions

Connect even more devices with access points that can handle over 60 simultaneous connections each, extend your WiFi reach to hard-to-reach areas, achieve a speed of up to 2.5Gbps, and limit guest access without compromising network security

Cloud Solutions

Double your revenue, reduce capital expenditures, and mobilize your workforce with Cloud Computing. We can help you transition your business to the cloud so your team can be productive anywhere, anytime and in any device.

Voice Design and Implementation

Make your business run smoothly by outsourcing your help desk support. Provide services such as troubleshooting or technical support to end-users who need assistance.

Physical Security Design and Implementation

Make your business run smoothly by outsourcing your help desk support. Provide services such as troubleshooting or technical support to end-users who need assistance.

Project Management

Every project needs management. A system, team, or individual who will have the eye on every detail, from origin to fulfillment. Need to connect networks in an office or building? We can get things done and realize your objectives.

We know you’ve already got enough on your plate at work, so we like to keep it simple and allow you to accurately forecast your expenses. So kick back, relax, and let us handle the nagging IT tasks that are irritating you and distracting you from your job duties. Outsource!

IT Network Strategies to Stay Relevant and Connected

  • Get rid of the Not me mind set. I don’t need to consider or use technology because it’s not that important for what I do. We have all said it and we are seeing the impact of not thinking beyond today. Technology is inescapable. You will either adapt and grow or go the way of Blockbuster. Most of you may not recognize the name and there is a reason for it. They did not change with Innovation.
  • Technology is built on a strong foundation and the internet is a critical factor. Investing in quality network solutions is paramount. The technology that supports your company’s communication and access to the internet should be your primary investment. Think of this as the roots for your tree or the highway for your cars. With out a proper highway the cars will drive smoothly on the road. 
  • Once you have a strong highway consider the cars on the roads and that will be the devices you team will use. The better the device the more productive your team will be. Saving $100 on a computer and your employee is slowed down 8 min per day. If that employee has a salary of $60,000.00. That $ 100 savings has cost you about a $1,000 annually and that cost is repeated every year and will get worse as that devices becomes older. Don’t spend to save money, spend to make money. ROI should always be the ultimate goal. 
  • The next stage is what are the software and applications that can help you work better and can enable the components of your business. This may be different depending on your business, but everyone has some components of these and that’s: Operations, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Production/Services and Administration. Each one of these need to be optimized and have different level of service and the ability to share and collaborate which each team. One of the biggest gaps’ companies have is not looking at the overall organization picture instead of by department. When considering a software solution, it should not just be I need an account software or sales CRM but how can you get integrate of all of your business silos. Each one is connected, and most successful companies has a solution that makes them move fast and work more productively because they are connected in all areas of their business.

Our Advantage

What makes Troinet the best option for your business in New York or New Jersey?

  • Physically located in Staten Island, New York. Faster service delivery and nearer support
  • More than 10 years of proven industry-related experience
  • Involves day to day service for maintenance and technical support
  • Designs solutions and systems that best FIT for your needs
  • Diverse exposure to multiple industries including healthcare, finance, legal, and education
  • Successfully increased profitability margins of our clients
  • Secure compliance and government requirements for data security (e.g. HIPAA)
  • Ticket systems to provide organized post-deployment servicing

IT Solutions

See our other solutions how we can help you make better business decisions with technology.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Our main focus is IT services for healthcare, particularly in the New York and New Jersey areas. Learn how we can help your practice improve patient care, patient experiences, and your operations by making more strategic decisions around technology.


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