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What is Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a business productivity solution that can help companies stay productive while working remotely. This resource can help your team stay and feel connected. 

We can offer MS Teams as part of business solutions for your business, including the needed IT support such as:

We at Troinet not only can provide you with MS Teams solution but can also set-up the tech environment that enables it such as network, IT maintenance, and security.

A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker with Microsoft Teams

The life of workers suddenly shifted to remote work status after COVID-19. Companies are beginning to consider remote work as a long-term policy for their workforce.

But what does a day in your life look like when you work remotely? As more workers are staying home to stay safe, the working day is changing. 

You can help your team stay connected, stay on schedule, and keep up their great work with Microsoft Teams. 

See how Troinet can help you establish a remote work system for your business

Microsoft Teams is a part of our business productivity solutions, but we don’t just come in to provide you with software, we can come and provide you with holistic solutions – from software to network, to maintenance, and consulting.

This infographic outlines a day in the life of a remote worker using Microsoft Teams and a good network system to collaborate, create, and be more productive while working at home. See how this employee uses multiple features to stay connected with the team and work efficiently.

Real-World Scenarios of Teams in Action

If you would like to know more about real-world situations where MS Teams is used, you can register to a live session. Sessions are listed on your local time zone. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email and the sessions are presented in English.

You can also view training-on-demand videos for MS Teams intro and tips on getting started. 

Teams Product Features / UI

This video is a brief walkthrough of MS Teams’ product features and interface. This tutorial highlights how to use this collaboration app, and features as channels, chats, calls, and files.

Watch this video to see how Teams can help your employees collaborate and stay organized.

We provide IT support around MS Teams

Integrating remote work solutions for your company requires professional IT advice. As an IT solutions and consulting company, we come first and assess your business needs so we can provide an accurate and customized solution:

Business Assessment

We come and understand your business as to what best set of technology can match your situation. The best way to start an IT partnership is not to sell you with products, but to provide you with the proper consultation and followed by solutions. Our needs-based approach is also applied to MS teams. 

Outsourced IT

Using MS teams requires stable and dependable connectivity. When problems arise, you need a dependable network solutions provider to provide you with support. When things are going well, you need someone who is proactive and make sure that problems are prevented before they even happen.

IT Network and Design

Storing, managing, retrieving, and dispensing data is crucial for any business. Connectivity is a crucial part to make sure that the exchange of data is secure, reliable, and efficient. Not all data should be migrated to the cloud, and not all data should sit inside in-house servers. That’s why we come in as your consultants first. 

Business Solutions

Thriving amidst and after crisis requires smart use of best software in the market. We offer software that matches your needs. We implement them, and maintain them so you can focus on what matters most.

How to Manage Microsoft Teams Meetings

As more people work from home during the crisis, remote meetings have become a vital part of the workday. #MicrosoftTeams makes meeting remotely easier. Watch this video above to see how!

Remote Work Checklist

Remote Work Tips with Troinet and Microsoft Office Teams 365

Remote work could be something totally new or familiar to you. Whether or not caused by the pandemic, a work-from-home set-up will surely be a part of the work culture of tomorrow. Chances are, there may be some things you missed to do that could make your work-from-home situations better. Here’s a list that can inspire you or make your remote work experience more fun. Check it out.

We Support Microsoft Teams and Office Software for Businesses

We are located at 1412 Richmond Road Staten Island, NY 10304 and are ready to support your company with Microsoft Office and Teams software. 

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