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Outsource Your IT Department to Experts

With a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), you can focus more on your business while reducing costs, and entrusting your tech in the hands of a professional team – all at a flat monthly rate!

Below is our video explaining how your business can benefit from a Managed Service Provider.

Having an MSP is like having a dedicated IT department that monitors your IT operations and prevents problems before you occur. With an MSP, you get a team of experts at a fraction of a cost because you pay at a fixed price/ monthly fee that covers your needs. 

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider which is basically a form of an outsourced IT provider or solution but with a proactive approach. Proactive because an MSP is a system of persons, policies, and technologies that controls or prevents IT problems instead of reacting to them.

In contrast, IT consulting/troubleshooting more likely adapts to a reactive model where the IT consultant charges by the hour when a problem erupts. So you have a problem, your call them, they’ll fix it. 

On the other hand, a Managed Service Provider offers a proactive approach – one that creates systems that control situations from happening, including troubleshooting issues when they occur. 

Benefits of Managed Service Provider

Getting an MSP helps you eliminate downtime, prevent problems, and avoid service disruptions, among many. 

Eliminate Downtime for Your Business

When your technology isn’t working you can’t do your job. If you can’t do your job, you’re losing money. We offer 24/7 network monitoring and take steps to prevent downtime so you won’t lose time looking for someone to fix it after it breaks.

Prevent Problems from Happening in the First Place

Managed Service Providers create/deploy and sustain IT systems, and prevent problems from happening in the first place. MSP’s usually adapt a fixed monthly fee or a “retainer’s fee” arrangement. 

MSP’s do provide monitoring and managing IT systems, especially hardware problems. By MSP, you have someone who detects or notifies you about a failing component in your IT operations, for example, a server, a hard-drive, or a cable line. An MSP replaces it before it goes down which can certainly affect your operations, your income, and your reputation. 

Increased Productivity

MSP increases your business productivity by leveraging reliable network solutions, efficient and uncomplicated IT support honed by years, if not decades, of IT experience. By entrusting your technology systems to us, you entrust IT to the experts and you can focus on your core business functions. Save time and mental energy.

Avoid Service Disruptions

Operational disruptions can be prevented by a proactive MSP. Your technology is monitored and supported and you begin to feel confident because you have an ever-ready team. Lesser disruptions contribute to better customer service.

Prevent Losing Money

Save money from overspending or underspending on technology solutions. Avoid making the wrong purchase decisions by tapping on the years of our experience and expertise. Smoother operations also lead to better customer experience which leads to repeat sales and referrals.

Safeguard Your Business

MSP helps you safeguard your top business resource – your precious data. By implementing strategic data backup and disaster recovery practices, you ensure business continuity.

What Services Do MSP's Provide?

As an MSP, here are some of the things we at Troinet do:

  • Monitor/Manage hardware; modem/ open mesh and Cisco switch/router,
  • Manage patch panels, internet, ethernet, network hardware
  • Industry printers & scanners
  • VoIP/ phone systems
  • Software such as Microsoft Office Suite/Office 365,
  • Windows or Mac OS, Windows Servers, Android
  • Back-up systems, disaster/data-recovery tools, business continuity plan

Who Benefits from MSP?

Anyone, any industry or any entity that depends on IT for operations, communications, and security. It includes manufacturing, distribution, government services, and more. At Troinet, we have years of experiences in industries such as healthcare, education, legal, finance/insurance, among others. 

How Much Do You Charge for MSP?

By paying one fixed monthly fee for agreed-upon services, you can accurately forecast IT expense.

Most IT companies benefit when their clients have problems because they charge by the hour to fix them. With a flat rate model, it now benefits us to keep our clients up and running or to fix problems immediately to keep our costs of delivering the service low. 

Instead of benefiting from your business’ pain, we now share in your success. Let us show you how our managed services offering can save your organization money and eliminate downtime request a free consultation.

Working with our company gives you access to a full team of IT professionals at flat rate and that means extreme cost savings for your business. One monthly fee covers all of your technology needs so you can budget for it, have a system in place to prevent problems before they occur that will ruin your operations, decrease your income, or affect your customer experience. 

With a flat rate, you can call anytime when problems arise and have someone regularly checks your system. You won’t have to be surprised by ballooning charges, but keep your expenses predictable instead.

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Managed IT Services in Staten Island New York and New Jersey

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It’s crucial to find the right MSP. At Troinet, we help you work smarter, save more and go further with competent MSP capabilities. Year after year, our clients tell us that they trust Troinet to manage their technology because our employees aren’t just IT experts, but also well rounded professionals who understand the complexities of running a business and how technology fits into accomplishing goals and objectives.

As an extension of your company, our seasoned staff will partner with your internal team to tailor IT services specifically to your unique needs, leading to improved business performance and a tangible return on investment.