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For over 20 years, we’ve been helping New York City businesses succeed by eliminating IT costs and preventing problems in the first place.

Get the peace of mind knowing your IT is expertly-handled

With, Troinet’s Managed IT Services you can rigorously reduce downtime, slowness, bad network performance, and IT emergencies that can lead to expensive disasters. We also keep you legally-compliant with business and data-protection laws, and help you stay focused on your core competencies.

Significantly reduce downtime

Downtime is a big deal. Research shows that 80% of small businesses that experienced downtime at some point in the past have suffered costs ranging from $82,200 to $256,000 for a single event. With Managed IT, you mitigate the negative impacts of downtime, disruptions and ensure business continuity. Above all, provide better customer experience and increase stakeholder confidence.

Boost business process and increase profit

Slow-moving networks and devices will negatively impact your business. Troinet deploys and maintains the right resources so you could save big time, become more efficient and profitable.

Focus Better While Staying Compliant

Stay focused on your business while remaining professionally-compliant. Troinet makes sure your technology adheres to the evolving and corresponding compliance requirements of industry.

A Dedicated IT Department at a Fraction of the Cost

Getting a managed IT provider is a far cheaper option than building your own IT department. Plus, it doesn’t leave you in the fate of sudden bill spikes because of flat rate set-up. The team monitors your IT operations, troubleshoots, and proactively prevents problems before they occur.

What Services Can Be Included in Managed IT?

With Troinet, you focus on your core business while we take care of your IT operations and concerns. Instead of spending time, energy, and money on IT-related expenditures, let the experienced professionals handle them for you.

IT Support

Lower your operational and labour costs, expand expertise, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and improve your focus.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Save time by automatically saving, labeling, and tracking your business data. Concentrate without worrying about data loss.

Cyber Security

Protect your network from unauthorized access, boost firewalls, avoid penalties, and improve stakeholder confidence.

network solutions

Network Services

Strengthen your business connections, reduce costs, proactively prevent issues, enhance security, and improve quality of service.

business printers management

Enterprise Printers

Ensure good performance of your printer, ensure longevity, and promptly resolve mechanical errors.

Business continuity and disaster recovery


Keep your business going during and after incidents such as natural or man-made disasters. Build customer confidence. 

servers maintenance

Server Maintenance

Don’t let your business come to a halt by reducing server breakdowns, streamlining servers, and monitoring performance.

device as a service daas

Device as a Service

Streamline IT environment, gain flexibility, lower costs, and enjoy freedom from device management responsibilities.


Phone and VOIP

Enjoy low-cost calls, mobility, versatility, outsourcing-capability, and expanded features with VOIP phone systems.

software solution

Software Solutions

Cut costs by automating routine tasks, improve efficiency & productivity, replace paper processes. communicate more effectively.


Remote Access / Virtualization

Enjoy faster provisioning of software and applications, better business continuity and recovery, and simplified data management.

cloud security

Cloud Security

Leverage the expertise and collective investments of cloud providers in security research, innovation, and protection.

Why Troinet's Managed IT Services?

A Trusted Service Provider Run by Experienced Professionals

The best MSP must have the experience, proximity, skillset, tools, and good track record of past client relationships so you can have more confidence. 

 As an extension of your company, our seasoned staff will partner with your internal team to tailor IT services specifically to your unique needs, leading to improved business performance and a tangible return on investment.

Areas We Serve

New York

Our headquarters in New York City is in 1412 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304 and we serve businesses in the vicinity. The major cities and areas include:

New Jersey

Our headquarters in New Jersey is 3600 Route 66 Shore Crossings, Neptune, NJ 07753 and we serve businesses in the vicinity. The major cities and areas include:

Services & Technologies

Apple | AWS | Azure | Citrix | Consulting | Cyber Security | Backup & Disaster | Cloud Database Migration | Cloud Migrations | DaaS | Financing Services | Fixed Price Solutions | Hardware | Health Care | HIPAA Compliance | HP | Information Management | Intune | IT Outsourcing | Licensing | Linux | Managed Services | Managed Services (MSP)| Manufacturing (IT) | Meraki | MCSE | Microsoft 365 | MS Exhange | Microsoft Licenses | Microsoft Teams | Networking | Non-Profit | Office 365 | Power & Utilities | Power BI | Project | Project Services | SaaS | SharePoint | Sophos | Surface | Telehealth | Threat Protection | Virtualization | VOIP

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What is Managed IT Services?

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Why Managed Services is Good for You?

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Prevent Losing Money​

Save money from overspending on technology solutions. Avoid making the wrong purchase decisions by tapping on the years of our experience and expertise. Better operations lead to better customer experience which leads to repeat sales and referrals.

Safeguard Your Business

MSP helps you safeguard your top business resource - your precious data. By implementing robust cyber security, strategic data backup and disaster recovery practices, you ensure business continuity.

Wide Reach of Benefits

Any organization, entity, or industry that depends on IT for operations, communications, and security can benefit from MSP. Outsource your IT system to Troinet. Take advantage of our years of expertise. We have more than 15 years of experience serving the IT needs of New Jersey businesses in different industries such as healthcareeducationlegal, finance/insurance, and insurance.

Flat Rate Fee

By paying one fixed monthly fee for agreed-upon services, you can accurately forecast IT expense. As an MSP, we usually adapt a fixed monthly fee or a "retainer's fee" arrangement. Most IT companies benefit when their clients have problems because they charge by the hour to fix them. With a flat rate model, it now benefits us to keep our clients up and running or to fix problems immediately to keep our costs of delivering the service low. 

Why flat rate IT?

Instead of from being reactive to our clients’ pains, flat rate IT enables us to seek and share in your success. The more seamless and continuous are your operations, the better will be your customer and stakeholder confidence and the lower will be our overhead. On the other hand, “break-fix” set-up could be a threat to your continuity because IT response is only reactionary after which, your systems could already be beyond repair.

One monthly fee covers all of your technology needs so you can budget for it, have a system in place to prevent problems before they occur that will ruin your operations, decrease your income, or affect your customer experience.

With a flat rate, you can call anytime when problems arise and have someone regularly checks your system. You won’t have to be surprised by ballooning charges, but keep your expenses predictable instead.

Drive Results with Managed IT

Enhance your workflow, drastically reduce expenses, lost data, ransomware, viruses, slowness, poor performance, and other IT emergencies that can lead to irreversible and expensive disasters. 

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Reduced IT Costs. Faster and Improved Business Operations.