Managed IT Services

Custom-designed managed IT services to align with budgets and business objectives to ensure services scale as you grow.

Minimize downtime, boost productivity, and provide a higher level of security for your organization with Managed IT.

Managed IT Services maintains and protects your technology, so it’s always available to run your business. As a service provider, we also operate as a single point of contact, eliminating the need for you to understand ever-changing systems and infrastructures. Our expert team manages your entire IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications, monitoring, and support.

Want an affordable way to have your network professionally managed by an expert? Managed IT services is the solution. We install, maintain, and provide professional monitoring of all applications and networks used by your business. We help minimize downtime, boost productivity and provide a higher level of security for your organization.

Managed IT services are perfect for any company that needs more than onsite support but don’t want to make the investment in a full-time onsite staff. By outsourcing IT to Austin Technology Plus, your company can focus on what it does best—keeping clients satisfied and growing

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Reduce downtime

Transform your business into a lean powerhouse while saving both time and money. Managed IT eliminates expensive inefficiencies that slow down business and offers continuous, high-quality services via a single point of access. It will ensure that critical applications and resources are kept operating at peak performance and that hardware and software vulnerabilities are promptly resolved.

More for Less

A revolution in the way you consume IT services, Troinet’s managed IT services let you get more for less. Our network of service technicians and data center facilities are backed by a low-cost, predictable monthly pricing model. All managed IT service plans come with 24×7 support and an extensive range of value-added services that bring complete peace of mind to your IT requirements.

Focus Better

When things go south at work, it can be hard to figure out how to fix it. Managed IT helps you focus on the important issues and deal with minor issues as they arise. Troinet has experienced real-world solutions for software bugs, network outages, hardware problems and other problems common at companies today. Our knowledge allow us to spot problems before they become big problems.


Managed IT means using technology to keep your business running efficiently and cost-effectively. You may be surprised by how little it costs and what an improvement in quality you’re likely to experience. Hiring full-time employees can cost you more in the long run because they will cost more such as in terms of equipments, insurance and training. 

Why Troinet's Managed IT Services?

A Trusted Service Provider Run by Experienced Professionals

The best MSP must have the experience, proximity, skillset, tools, and good track record of past client relationships so you can have more confidence.  As an extension of your company, our seasoned staff will partner with your internal team to tailor IT services specifically to your unique needs, leading to improved business performance and a tangible return on investment.

What Our Clients Say

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Why flat rate IT?

Instead of from being reactive to our clients’ pains, flat rate IT enables us to seek and share in your success. The more seamless and continuous are your operations, the better will be your customer and stakeholder confidence and the lower will be our overhead. On the other hand, “break-fix” set-up could be a threat to your continuity because IT response is only reactionary after which, your systems could already be beyond repair.

One monthly fee covers all of your technology needs so you can budget for it, have a system in place to prevent problems before they occur that will ruin your operations, decrease your income, or affect your customer experience.

With a flat rate, you can call anytime when problems arise and have someone regularly checks your system. You won’t have to be surprised by ballooning charges, but keep your expenses predictable instead.

Drive Results with Managed IT

Enhance your workflow, drastically reduce expenses, lost data, ransomware, viruses, slowness, poor performance, and other IT emergencies that can lead to irreversible and expensive disasters. 

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Finally! We are Here to Give You An Easy Way to Lower Your IT Support Costs While Practically Eliminating Frustrating Computer Problems, Error Messages, and Downtime.

Reduced IT Costs. Faster and Improved Business Operations.