IT Support and Services Company in New York to Help You Stay Connected

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

Outsourced IT Solutions Expert, Computer Engineer

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IT Support and Services Company in New York to Help You Stay Connected

An IT services company is essential for the success of modern businesses.

But there are two main factors for choosing the right IT company: competency and location. 

An IT company must have the proper skills, knowledge, and tools to do the job. But must also have a good grasp of the city or area. 

At Troinet, we have equipped ourselves for more than 15 years of experiences with the business environment in New York, and the right technology tools. 

What is an IT Services Company?

An IT services company is a team of IT experts that provide tech assistance, tech planning, implementation, or maintenance for an organization. 

Depending on the scope of work, IT companies are responsible for making sure that your IT elements or department fit your requirements, are well-maintained, and are taken care of properly.

Below are the basic services that IT companies provide:

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

Outsourced IT Solutions Expert, Computer Engineer

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Outsourced IT Provider in NY

If IT is not your core business, discover how outsourcing your IT can cause you to enjoy focusing your resources on your core business.

Running a business takes a lot of work and specialization. Using computers, servers, and networks are inevitable for running a successful business.

IT work may involve network and server management, vendor management, security and compliance, software and device managing, and more – all of these may consume the bandwidth of your team, causing you to spend more. 

Technical skills are not enough. The person or team handling your IT should have the training and knowledge on local regulations, particularly with compliance and data privacy so you won’t fall under the risk of fines and a bad reputation.

By outsourcing your IT to an expert in New York, you get to access their expertise and focus honed by years of their experience, training, and tools.

New York MSP (Managed Service Provider)

MSP or Managed Service Providers is a form of Outsourced IT solution that involves IT experts handling the tech side of your business. 

An MSP can manage as basic as your computer devices to as major as your IT department. 

An MSP helps you deal with challenges that come with using technology for your business such as keeping your software and hardware update, ensuring security and compliance, and more. 

Instead of doing your IT on your own or with your in-house team, hiring an MSP means hiring a team of experts at a fraction of a cost with what you spend with in-house IT. 

At Troinet, we offer MSP services for your New York businesses at a flat rate. With a monthly fee, your technology needs are covered and you don’t have to stress yourself with managing people, spending on benefits, and ensuring updated training and tools. 

One good thing with MSP’s is their approach to things in a proactive way, instead of reactive. Preventing problems and downtime from happening in the first place is the goal- this way, you eliminate problems, and reduce your time and costs for repair. 

An MSP’s job involves Network Monitoring to get notified of downtime and immediately address it. So you won’t have disruptions to your business, won’t lose time, and money. 

IT Network Support & Services in NY

IT Network Support is an IT service that ensures the smooth flow of data between your devices, servers, and the internet. 

It involves complex competencies, industry and local knowledge, and tools so your network can run efficiently, detect, avoid, and solve network issues. 

Here are some things that an IT Network support specialist can help you with:

  • Network visibility
  • Standard performance baseline
  • Proper network metrics
  • Red flags for network issues


IT Network Support & monitoring matters because this IT service ensures smooth daily operations of your computers and devices. 

Without IT Network Support, you may need to halt your operations, resulting in loss of productivity and income. 

IT Consulting in New York

To run a successful business, you need to make good IT decisions and good IT decisions demand expert guidance. With more than 15 years of IT experience in New York, we are confident that we can give the best consultancy or advice when it comes to IT matters. 

Whether it be about infrastructure designs, cabling, IT outsourcing options, saving money on the purchase, giving room for scalability, network and server decisions, and more, we help you make the right IT decisions. We help you not to overspend or understand. We envision that you are satisfied with your IT decision down the road. 

As an IT consultant, we come in and assess what you want to achieve. We help you define those goals and polish the loose ends to create SMART plan for success. Having your vision on sight, we help you create a road map or a plan of action. 

IT Support Client Testimonial

"Troinet system designs and support services are not only innovative but cost-effective. Most importantly, Troinet has provided reliable technical support regardless of their busy schedule."

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