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Healthcare IT Consulting Services

There are many Healthcare IT consulting firms to choose from when looking for help with your medical practice. Choosing the right company from the start will save you time and reduce frustration later on down the road. To help you find the right healthcare technology consultant, we have compiled a list of three questions you should ask them before choosing them to help with your business.

What is Healthcare IT Consulting?

Healthcare IT Consultants combines technicality and creativity. They specialize in understanding the healthcare company’s overall goals, diagnosing system defects, designing IT solutions, recommending equipment, upgrading and maintaining medical software and devices, and more. The role of a healthcare IT consultant changes depending on the needs of the healthcare provider. Some firms prefer experienced consultants, while others prefer young, talented individuals with a keen eye for technology and business networks. Being able to adapt to different types of projects and techniques is what makes successful healthcare IT consultant.

Why do you need Healthcare IT Consulting?

You don’t just need a good idea; you need the right approach. That is why we at Troinet believe consultants are so essential in healthcare. Consultants bring a range of skills and perspectives to your project that will improve communication, decision-making, and overall efficiency.

Healthcare IT consultants add value through idea development, implementation, refinement, or performance of an approach that another company has previously implemented. You want to ensure that the consultant understands your business objectives, needs, and desires so there will be no miscommunication during the project, implementation, or ongoing relationship between your companies.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Healthcare IT Consulting (6) Integrating Clinical & Financial Systems

Integrating Clinical & Financial Systems

Our consultants can work on integrating medical, billing, revenue cycle management, and practice management records to achieve business goals. 

Healthcare IT Consulting (7) by Troinet

Creating a Healthcare IT Strategy

We combine a strong project management team, top-rated customer service and technical expertise to make it easy for you to create an effective Healthcare IT Strategy.
Patient Safety

Tech Applications that Improve Patient Safety

Identifying or creating clinical & administrative applications that improve patient safety and outcomes at a lower cost.

Enhancing IT Systems Across Continuum of Care​

Enhancing IT Systems Across Continuum of Care

Troinet Healthcare IT Consulting uses agile methodologies to rapidly implement, maintain, and enhance IT systems across the continuum of care.

E-Prescriptions and Metering Applications​ Tech for Healthcare Continuum of Care

E-Prescriptions and Metering Applications

We are a full-service consulting firm specializing in the design and management of private, secure, cloud-based healthcare information systems with a focus on e-prescribing and other metering applications.

Solving Complex Problems​

Solving Complex Problems

Troinet provides healthcare Information Technology (IT) consulting services to hospitals and health systems. Our consultants have a holistic view of the healthcare technology needs of our clients.

What are the roles of healthcare IT consultants?

Their role is to help businesses like you reduce costs while improving the quality of care. The approach is about collaboration with the client to deliver solutions that will enhance the business’s technical infrastructure and your bottom line. These solutions can include improving your software delivery pipeline, operating systems (Windows and Linux), computers and printers, communications systems, and IVATEL networks.

  • They help you cut costs
  • They will explain the job to you, and everything will be clear
  • They will make their best effort to hasten the project

What are the common mistakes of businesses in choosing healthcare IT consulting services?

1. Choosing the wrong people to manage their project
2. Not getting the IT team involved sooner
3. Ignoring security risks and regulations
4. Assuming technology is all about the hardware
5. Thinking they can do it in-house
6. Failing to plan for change
7. Getting no involvement from the end-users

Hire a healthcare IT consultant to streamline your processes, integrate new technology, and maintain compliance with regulations.

Troinet Healthcare IT Consulting Solutions

Troinet offers healthcare IT solutions composed of a full-service healthcare engagement firm that delivers a unique and vital combination of substantive consulting, technology, training, and digital solutions. We work closely with our clients to help them innovate, improve performance and increase growth. We can design and deliver your healthcare IT solution for you, or implement it for you. Either way, we provide the best solutions to fit your existing infrastructure as well as your bottom line.  As an experienced integration partner in the healthcare industry, we listen to and understand the healthcare industry’s pain points. We work with a variety of organizations, including software companies, billing integration providers, hospitals, clinics, and vendors to deliver customized applications built on one or more available software platforms.

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