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Keeping your business in good health and providing professional IT services at an affordable cost is what we do. Fill-out the form below.

Strategic Partnership

Troinet and TMI Partners have partnered strategically to support you with the most indispensable elements of your business, namely: technology, advisory, and funding. Fill-up the form above to get started.

Be Smarter with our IT Services

Below is a list of the top services for your custom needs

IT Consulting

Not sure where to start in using technology? No problem. We start by understanding your business operations & culture, and focusing on growth.

Outsourced IT

Outsource your IT department to us and as a result, you save more money and time, regain your focus on your expertise, and gain peace of mind.

IT Finance

Protect your cash flow and enjoy greater cash availability for your monthly expenses instead of putting them all to devices and equipments.

IT Network

Your network is crucial for operations and problems should be fixed quickly. Our network engineers make sure that your network is in good health.

IT Security

Security breaches can bring your business to a sudden tragedy. One wrong email click or faulty firewall configuration can cripple your operations. We make sure they won't happen.

Business Software

Make your business more successful: Our business software solutions will provide you with the tools to run your business more efficiently.

IT Funding Solutions

Each day, businesses face multiple challenges, and sometimes they need financial support. Troinet and TMI & Partners worked together to keep your business in good health by providing professional IT services and affordable funding solutions. For as low as $99/month, you can avail our advisory and consultative services.


Increase Profits

Improve your revenue or reduce your overhead costs by benefiting from smart IT consultancy services we provide. You gain more as a result.

Security Troinet IT Services (3)

Avoid Risks & Lawsuits

Avoid cyber security attacks and protect your reputation, by entrusting your IT security to the ex-experts.

Save Time & Regain Your Focus

Avoid paying for under-utilized time, avoid doing mundane tasks, and instead channel your time to your core expertise, relationship-building, or rest!

"The bottom line is, without Troinet, we would not be the 21st century school that we are today! Thanks, Troinet! Troinet has been maintaining our network and servicing our IT needs for years."
Keith Pascucci
Director of Technology,