Data Recovery Services in New Jersey and NYC

We can help you recover your valuable data onsite, or if necessary take the failed drives to our secure facility for professional repair.
by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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When disaster strikes, we’re on your side. 

Save yourself from a world of hurt and headache because of lost data that you really want back

In today’s cyber world, data is the lifeline of any organization. So if it gets deleted or deleted then you may lose your business. Hence it’s very important to secure it with immediate effect. But the matter of concern is you don’t want to lose the current work and in an argument, you lose the data as well.

For these situations, you can rely on Troinet’s data recovery services in New Jersey. We provide professional data recovery services for business hard drives, digital media, and other devices that store your valuable information. Here are reasons why data recovery is important:


Fast and Easy

Simply reach out to us via phone (718-761-2780) or email and get a free quote for recovering your business information.

Refund Warranty

Our refund policy allows you to have a full refund if unsatisfied with our services regarding data recovery for business.


Recovery services are non-invasive and all work is done at their location


Overcome fear of loss

One of the biggest fears a small local business owner, who relies solely on their computer, has is when something goes wrong with their computer and they lose valuable information stored on it. 

Data loss is a serious thing. It can become painful if the loss happens on your computer, servers, and other devices which holds the documents pertaining to your businesses. 

Data Recovery Services are of much help when you suffer digital loss.

Recover important file types

Data recovery services allows you to recover your text files and other types of documents like .pdf, .docx, .odt, .potx and more.

Recover from hard drives

Data recovery allows you to recover information from all devices including hard drives, memory cards and USB drives.


Data recovery services solve these problems rapidly and restore damaged hard drives completely at affordable prices.

At Troinet, we offer responsive, on-site or remote outsourced IT support for small businesses in Greater NYC and New Jersey without breaking the bank. Our certified and experienced engineers can help you get back up to speed quickly and ensure that your system is always working flawlessly, no matter what IT-related problem you have.

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