[PDF] Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies by Scott D. Lowe

Business leaders are beginning to see how HCI or hybrid IT technology can support a plethora of evolving business needs. This means more demand and expectations on the part of technology officers and equipment. To address the demand for efficiency, security, and scalability, the hybrid model or the hyperconverged infrastructure has emerged.

As technology is becoming an essential component to any successful business enterprise, business leaders invest heavily on technology to incorporate efficiency, security, and scalability to the organization. Technology is the catalyst that drives productivity and efficiency, leading to enhanced profitability and growth opportunities. 

Today’s organizations must be flexible enough to accommodate constant change and quick enough to react to the market. Technology enables businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively by automating manual processes, streamlining business operations, reducing costs and accelerating productivity. Business leaders require technology to support a plethora of business needs, including:

  • Attracting customers with technology-based marketing offers
  • Managing company-wide projects
  • Providing secure offsite backup of all data
  • Providing mobile access to critical information anytime, anywhere
  • Improving customer service with quick response times
  • Enhancing internal communications across departments and geographic locations
  • Facilitating collaboration among remote workers