How to Properly Bill Telehealth

Confidently welcome telehealth patients, shorten the billing cycle, and spend more time with patient care. Get a copy of the webinar by filling out this form. Hosted by Wayne Roye, CEO of Troinet with Special Guest, Rohit Maharishi or Advantrix.

Make Sure You Get Paid

Practices are now strongly encouraged to use telemedicine amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Join us to discover how to properly bill and make sure you’re getting paid.

  • One of the Biggest Challenges of Doctors
  • Answers from a Subject-Matter Expert
  • Address COVID-19-related Questions
  • Shorter Reimbursement Cycle

Manage Telemedicine Claims, Denials, and Providers​

Billing reimbursements is one of the biggest challenges of physicians when it comes to telemedicine. Troinet is here to help you.

In this webinar, we will answer questions like:

• How can I make sure I will get paid from telemedicine appointments?

• or at least won’t be required to refund after the insurance makes an audit?

• How do I make the proper documentation?

• How can I use telemedicine if my practice involves physical meetings like physical therapy or dentistry?

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