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Troinet is an IT Consulting firm located in Staten Island, New York. We are serving entities in Staten Island NY as well as in New Jersey by offering professional IT consultancy services including:

• IT Security Consultancy

• IT Advisory

• IT Strategy

• IT Risk Assessment

• IT Security

Are you looking to enhance your business operations using technology? Below are life aspirations that you may have, and how we could help you achieve them with our services.

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Need to make more money?​

It’s as simple as increasing your efficiency! What if you could do more with less? What if you could suddenly become more efficient and work more productively?

It’s possible with cloud computing. With cloud computing, you can streamline the way you work and stay productive, even if you need to work remotely – you’re no longer chained to your desk!

Looking to expand your business?

Reduce your costs to promote growth!

What if you could easily cut costs at work and, as a result, grow your business more quickly?

With managed services and cloud technology, it’s all possible.

We’ll help you eliminate inefficiencies, increase productivity, and save on energy costs, hardware costs, and more!

Want to retire early?

Make it happen with the right plan.

We understand – you’ve got ideas for how you want to spend your future.

But sometimes, it can be tough to turn ideas into plans. That’s where we come in!

Our IT consulting services help you plan ahead so you can take the most effective route when it comes to reaching your goals.

So whether you want to retire early, give back to your community, or have more free time to spend with your loved ones, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Feel like freeing yourself from limitations?

Do it with flexible communication and easy data access.

Ever wanted to work remotely? What stopped you?

Chances are, you figured that you wouldn’t be able to work productively, communicate effectively, and access your business applications from anywhere other than your office.

Our cloud and communication solutions eliminate those issues and allow you to free yourself from limitations.

So, no matter where you’re working from, you can stay productive and talk to your co-workers with ease.

  • Cloud Computing

Trying to make your business goals a reality?

With a custom network, your goals are put within easy reach!

Can you imagine how different your workday could be if you had a network designed specifically to meet your business needs?

That’s exactly what we can give you – a tailor-made network built to propel you toward your business goals!

That way, you can stop putting your aspirations on the backburner and start achieving more.

  • Professional IT Services

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