What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a fast and easy way to share your files. It works in the same way that you would use any other folder, except that the files you drag into your Dropbox are automatically synced online and to any other computers or devices that you have linked to your account. This gives you the ability to access, view, and edit your files on multiple devices. The application is always running in the background on your computer, and it will automatically back your files up online and keep them in sync for you.

It’s Secure

Dropbox is a good choice for CPA firms during tax season because it is secure. The content of the files that you store in your account are not allowed to be viewed by Dropbox employees. The data is actually encrypted as it leaves your computer and transmits to Dropbox. It is stored on secure servers that are encrypted, and it is even encrypted when it is sent back to your computer. You can enable something called “two-step verification” in the security settings, which adds even more protection to your Dropbox account. After you enable it, it will require you to enter in a six digit security code on top of your password when you sign in to Dropbox or link it to a new device.

It’s Convenient

Dropbox is super convenient because you don’t ever have to manually download or upload files since the application keeps your files in sync by watching them for you. If you have to change or update one of your files, Dropbox will sync these changes to everything that you have Dropbox installed on. This will even work on your desktop if you are offline, and it will sync the changes right where it left off when you go back online. Dropbox will install on as many computers as you want it to.

It’s Reliable

The Dropbox system is designed to be very reliable, and the system should never fail you. It is reliable because if you happen to lose power or internet on one computer or at one office, you can go home or go somewhere else and pull everything that you need right back up.

File Sizes

There is no limit to the size of the files that you save to your Dropbox if you upload them via your desktop or mobile device. This is especially nice for CPA firms during tax season because it is way better than using email, which has size limits. If they are uploaded through the website, however, there is a limit. Your Dropbox also has a storage quota, and your uploaded files have to be smaller than the quota in order for them to sync. Overall, this system works out to be very beneficial.

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