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What a Healthy Work Life Balance Means to Your Family.

Do you have a healthy work life balance? How do you feel in the morning when you wake up to get ready for work? Are you upbeat and excited to go to the office or are you filled with dread and anxiety about the day ahead? Take a look at the effects your work life balance can have on your life.

Effects of Having an Unhealthy Work Life Balance

The definition of a healthy work life balance is having a set of clearly defined and regularly enforced boundaries between work and home life. Without these limits, one may start to experience a long list of health problems that affect not only them but their family and loved ones as well.


Working long hours can and often does lead to physical and mental fatigue. Fatigue diminishes your hand-eye coordination as well as your ability to think clearly and make rational logical decisions. You’re more likely to make mistakes and be less productive when your mind isn’t sharp.


When your work life balance is out of sync, you may end up missing important family events or milestones. Your children grow up without you around, and you may become the parent that was “always too busy.” When you don’t have a proper balance, your loved ones may start to feel unappreciated and draw back.

Lack of Close Relationships

Friendships are important for experiencing a fulfilling life. They are a crucial part of your support system and can help motivate you and lift you up. Your friendships suffer if you aren’t spending the time it takes to nurture and grow them properly. You may start to find yourself alone more often when you have a poor work life balance.

Increase in Workload

The longer the days you put in at the office, the more work you will be given in return. You may start off thinking that they give you the extra work because they know you are dependable, however, this might not always be the case. Just because you CAN take on a heavier load, doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD at the cost of your healthy and home life.

Other Effects of a Poor Work Life Balance

Having a lack of work life balance can also amount to severe health effects. After prolonged exposure to stress, you may experience

    • Increased risk of heart disease
    • A decline in sexual health
    • Weak immune system
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Stiff muscles
    • Backaches
    • Acne
    • Depression – often severe
    • Weight gain
    • Addiction
    • Nervousness
    • A hard time concentrating
    • Forgetfulness
    • Increased irritability
    • Weakened coping skills
    • Insecurities and lowered self-esteem
    • Feeling a lack of control
    • Mental and physical fatigue

What Can I Do to Have a Better Work Life Balance?

The organization’s management causes most work life balance issues. Many higher level executives feel that they are “married” to their business and expect the same type of mindset from their employees. Employees who don’t exhibit the same mindset are usually viewed as less reliable or serious about their work and are often passed over for promotions and praise. So how do you change the company mindset to be more focused on having a healthy work life balance? It’s simple –

Management Must Set the Example

Employees look up to management to see how to behave within an organization. If they see their leaders living an unhealthy work life balance, they are more likely to follow suit.

Leave at a Reasonable Hour – and Actually LEAVE

Your employees get paid for a set amount of time. Encourage them to spend the time they are given to spend at work on their jobs, and not a second more. Off hours are theirs, and should not be impeded upon with work responsibilities. Work can wait until the next day.

Know When Someone is Overworked

Be vigilant on what the signs above look like in each of your employees. Do you have a worker who is usually chipper and accurate suddenly start making mistakes and looking rundown? It’s okay to approach and try to work out a solution to get them back in a healthy work life balance.

Flex Scheduling

We all know that life happens. Employees who don’t have to worry about missing work or using personal time to take care of whatever life throws at them are proven to be much happier and satisfied in the work place. Having a flexible work schedule can accomplish that.

Working from Home

Allowing employees to telecommute as needed can also reduce the risk of a poor work life balance. If your employee has to take care of a matter that requires them to be at home for part or all of the day, allow them to work remotely.

Encourage Vacation

Recent studies have shown that many employees don’t take vacations, sick, or personal days. Encourage your staff to take some time off – without the fear that their job will not get done while they are out.

Support Family

Depending on your industry, you can always implement “bring a family member to work” day or family-friendly outings to improve work life balance.

Promote Health

By offering standing desks, walking meetings, and healthy snacks, your employees are more likely to take an active interest in their personal well-being.

Breaks Are Good

Encourage frequent breaks. Studies have proven that the human mind can only take about 45 minutes of information before it needs a 15-minute break. You aren’t losing productivity; you’re helping it.

Talk to Your Employees

Most importantly, talk with your employees about having a healthy work life balance and what it can do for them and their health. Don’t be afraid to broach the tough subjects – you’ll be grateful that you did.

Other Ways to Help

Of course, you can also hire Troinet to help with your technology. Having efficient technology can help your employees achieve a better work life balance by automating manual workflows and reducing the time your staff spends on tasks that aren’t related to their jobs. Having a healthy work life balance can not only improve your output at the office, but can also make your friends, family, and other relationships happier and healthier as well. Give Troinet a call today to get started on YOUR work life balance.