How Cloud Computing Helps Businesses Boost Productivity

Cloud computing has the potential to transform your business and the tech industry as a
whole. Cloud computing challenges everything we thought we knew about working,
sharing, monitoring and protecting our computer systems, and it is not such a bad thing.
Businesses are saving money and boosting productivity with cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the online networks to store and process data. Instead of
everything being stored on one computer or device, it is saved to a cloud for easy
retrieval, regardless of the device the user is on and where in the world he/she is
located. According to a Forbes article, Goldman Sachs published a study that revealed
spending for cloud computing services and infrastructure platforms will increase by as
much a 30% CAGR between 2013 and 2018. The anticipated growth for the “overall
enterprise IT” is just 5%. Cloud computing is not just a trendy buzzword; it is being
embraced globally by institutions of all sizes.

What Does the Cloud Have to do with Productivity?

The answer—everything. Cloud computing takes the hassle out of sharing, storing,
collaborating, and retrieving. We are an in-demand industry. Business owners and
consumers all want everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, with very little
overhead. The workforce is breaking out of the confines of four walls and taking
business on the road. Cloud computing is the perfect companion for the modern
business strategy.

  • Anyone can work remotely
    Your business won’t be hindered by sick days, lost devices, natural disasters,
    security breaches and travel. As long as an approved user has his/her laptop,
    desktop, or mobile device, he/she can access the company’s cloud and continue
    to work remotely, domestically and internationally.
  • Employees can stay in-touch at all times
    Sometimes getting everyone together at the same time is next to impossible. You
    and your employees are busy working hard to improve the health of the
    company, so each person’s task often takes them out of the office. Cloud
    computing enables groups and team member to collaborate and maintain contact
  • No downtime
    If a device goes down, the business is hit with an unforeseen data loss, or
    systems need to be serviced and maintenance, it often results in a complete
    interruption to daily operations. When the business is down, the company cannot
    work and make money. Cloud computing ensures anyone can hop on a device
    and get right to work without any interruption in service.
  • No office, no problem
    Never miss a phone call, instant message, meeting with a client, or important
    email. You don’t need an office to benefit from all of the daily interactions that
    make your business thrive.
  • Workers can use their own devices
    Productivity is often lost to training and retraining. When employees have to learn
    new devices and programs, productivity takes a dive. Users like their own
    devices and know exactly how to maximize their efficiency. Cloud computing
    does not require a system overhaul. Everyone can use the devices with which
    each is most comfortable and have mastered.
  • Brand can go global in a few days
    Your business can go global in a matter of a few days. Expanded access to your
    market allows you to make more business connections and accommodate
    consumers in various time zones. Cloud computing provides your company with
    a global picture of your market.

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